Online Training

All UCA Faculty, Staff, Student Workers and Graduate Assistants are required to complete specified training seminars before the end of the academic year. Employees have the option of participating in all seminars online via our online vendor, SafeColleges.

The 2020-21 required seminars are: Workplace Harassment Prevention/Discrimination, Diversity, Title IX, Boundary Invasion (Child Abuse course title), FERPA, and Cybersecurity Overview (IT course title).

Employees have the option of attending Workplace Harassment Prevention/Discrimination, Diversity, & Title IX trainings online or on-site. Registration for on-site seminars is achieved by accessing the following link:

The University of Central Arkansas provides online training through, SafeColleges. The training is interactive and contains many challenging and interesting real-life workplace situations.  It is requested that you complete the specified education courses within the first 30 days of the semester, but you have the entire academic year to do so. You will receive reminder e-mails to complete the educational courses. The courses can be taken on any computer with access to the Internet.

Note: Your training account access is active while you are considered actively employed at UCA.  If you are a part-year employee, such as an adjunct employed during only one semester, you should complete all required online training during the time period you are considered an employee of the University.

You will be sent reminder e-mails to complete the training courses. The reminder emails will stop once you have completed all of your trainings. To access the courses and log in to your SafeColleges accountfollow these instructions:

  1. Log into myUCA
  2. Search for SafeColleges in the search box
  3. Click on the SafeColleges tile
  4. Click on the Employees box
  5. Another UCA log-in page will appear
  6. Log in using your regular UCA log in 
  7. You will be directed to your SafeColleges training page

Online participation will be electronically tracked and recorded by SafeColleges. Attendance at on-site seminars will also be electronically tracked and recorded. If you have questions about the online content, training process, or material, feel free to email the Office of University Training at

Additional ‘Optional’ Online Offerings

Numerous additional online educational courses are available for employees. The courses will be included in the employee’s SafeColleges homepage. It is up to each Department Head/Supervisor as to whether any further courses are required. These online optional courses (NOT required by the University) are for any employee to participate in and can be accessed multiple times.