Educational Technology Competency Exam

Requirements for admission into the Teacher Education program are currently under revision, including the Educational Technology Competency Exam. Please contact the College of Education at before purchasing any ETCE codes.

Candidates seeking admission into Level I of the teacher education program must successfully pass the Educational Technology Competency (ETC) Exam or an equivalent course (e.g. EDUC 1240, CSCI 1300, or MIS 2343).  A code for the ETC Exam costs around $20 and must be purchased from the UCA Bookstore.  The ETC Exam is held in Mashburn 102 (see details below).  Questions regarding course equivalency should be directed to the Office of Candidate Services.

The Educational Technology Competency Exam consists of three sections:

  • Microsoft Excel 2013
  • Microsoft PowerPoint 2013
  • Microsoft Word 2013

Note:  The test is currently based on Office 2013.  This is subject to change as later versions become available.

Testing Schedule & Registration

The Educational Technology Competency Exam is currently being offered in the Technology Learning Center (TLC). The exam must be taken in the TLC (Mashburn Suite 102) between the hours of 8:00 AM and 4:30 PM, Monday through Friday. No one will be allowed to start a section of the test after 2:30 p.m.

Important Notes

  Testing seat availability will be on a first-come, first-served basis. Only 3 people can test at a time.
 You must purchase the access code from the UCA Bookstore.
  Be sure you are given an instruction sheet when you purchase the code.
  Do NOT activate this code until you are ready to take the exam and are at the Technology Learning Center.
  Testing is not available during UCA observed holidays/breaks.
  No new sections of the exam can be started after 2:30 PM.

Once an access code is purchased and activated, the student will be allowed two weeks to complete the exam. The student may take all sections of the test at once or take one section at a time during the allotted two weeks. The Technology Learning Center is not responsible if you register for the wrong course or do not complete the test within the access period.

Below is a table with the maximum allowed time for each test, as well as average time taken by past students (N=68).

Average Time
Max Time
Computer Lit & Concepts 15 minutes 1 hour
Word 1 hour 14 minutes 2 hours
Excel 1 hour 13 minutes 2 hours
PowerPoint 55 minutes 2 hours

Please contact the TLC at (501) 450-3400 or for more information.