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When should I take the Praxis I Core exams?

As soon as possible is the best answer.  Most students wait until after they’ve completed MATH 1390, WRTG 1310, and WRTG 1320. However, be sure you prepare for the exams before you take them.  Use the links on the Program Admission and Praxis Information page to learn about the Praxis I Core exams.


What is Internship I? 

Internship I is a course, MSIT 4311.  However, UCA middle level students commonly refer to the first half of the Year 4 block as Internship I.  This block of five courses is the same for all six tracks of the middle level program. (See Middle Level Degree Options page.) MSIT 4311 is the course that places each student in a middle school with a mentor teacher for about twelve hours per week during a fall or spring semester.  Although not as intensive as Internship II (student teaching), Internship I does require middle level majors to interact with students, work with families, plan lessons and activities, co-teach lessons, solo teach lessons, and work collaboratively with a mentor teacher and middle level students in a variety of ways.  Internship I students spent one full day and one half day each week at their placement school.


When do I need to be admitted to teacher education and the middle level program?

By the end of your sophomore year, you should have completed most if not all of the admission requirements.  See list here In addition to the requirements from the list, the middle level program requires admission candidates to successfully complete MSIT 3320 Introduction to Middle Level Education before full admission.  This course may be taken late in the sophomore year or early in the junior year.  Transfer students should take MSIT 3320 during their first semester at UCA.