Frequently Asked Questions

If you don’t see your question below, feel free to contact the UCA Welcome Desk at 501-852-0720.

Q: Will you be tutoring during the Spring Semester?

A: Yes, we will be doing online tutoring through GoBoard and in-person tutoring (unless the campus goes virtual). If the campus goes virtual, we will do all tutoring online.

Q: Will the tutoring Center be open during the Spring Semester?

A: Yes, we will be open during the Spring semester with limited in-person tutoring – most tutoring will occur online.

Q: What are the hours for a certain tutoring subject?

A: All General Tutoring hours and locations are posted on the Tutoring Schedule page. You can also stop by the UCA Tutoring Front Desk or call 501-852-0720.

Q: Can I schedule an appointment for private tutoring?

A: Unfortunately, no. All of our tutoring is available on a walk-in basis only. This way, we can serve students in the most effective way. If you want private tutoring, you can contact a tutor and make private arrangements with them–this includes how much you will pay them. Tutoring through the Tutoring Center is always free for UCA students.

Do you tutor during May Intersession?

No we do not.

Q: Where is walk-in tutoring located?

A: UCA Tutoring Center is located at the Torreyson Library Suite 223- we are located  above Starbucks. 501-852-0720.

Q: How do I become a tutor?

A: All tutor hiring information can be found by going to the “Interested in Tutoring” tab, by clicking here, or by calling the Welcome Desk at 501-852-0720.

Q: What if I have a complaint about a tutor or staff member?

A: If the complaint is about a tutor, please send a complaint to here the full situation. Once the complaint is  received, the Tutoring Coordinator or Supervisor, will contact you.

Q: Can I use the tutoring services if I am not enrolled at this college?

A: No. Because our services are provided by student funds, only currently enrolled UCA  or co-enrollment students are allowed to use the resources. Students should always bring their UCA ID cards with them for tutoring.