Semester Exchange

UCA students may apply to spend a semester abroad at a UCA partner university. Students participating in our exchange program will be enrolled in 12 to 15 credit hours of approved coursework while paying UCA tuition. Tuition and fees at the partner university will be waived. Students’ scholarship and financial aid packages at UCA apply and may help cover expenses.


Students interested in spending a semester abroad should have a minimum of a 3.0 GPA with at least 60 credit hours completed by the beginning of the term abroad. If a student’s GPA is below the 3.0 requirement, the student will be asked to submit a letter explaining any circumstances faced that may have contributed to the current cumulative GPA. The student will also be asked to submit a letter of recommendation from the department chair of the corresponding major.

Applying to Study Abroad

When searching for opportunities for exchange, UCA students should first research the partner school(s), then make an appointment with the Office of Study Abroad to receive details on things such as costs, courses offered and other information. Students should also contact the Office of Financial Aid for details on eligibility.

Students considering studying abroad as an exchange should make an appointment with the Study Abroad Office in the first four weeks of the semester prior to going abroad. Our partners accept a limited number of students per academic year. UCA students should not contact partner universities but rather work with the Office of Study Abroad. Please use the following checklist to apply: Approval Checklist Exchanges. Please note deadlines published by the UCA Office of Study Abroad. Fill out this Course Approval Form with the courses you want to enroll in, and see our Semester Exchange Application page for more information.

Partner universities accept a limited number of students from UCA. If a competitive process will be used to determine a placement abroad, the Office of Study Abroad and International Engagement will review all files in the application to determine eligibility and selection based upon one or more of the following: seniority, GPA, degree, professor recommendations, interview, committee review and statement of purpose essay.

Students are responsible for acquiring the appropriate travel documentation including passport and visa (if necessary), arranging accommodations abroad and providing financial support for personal and food expenses during their exchange program.

A charge of $40 will be applied to the student’s account if accepted to study abroad with a partner university. International Insurance is also required through iNext International Insurance. The Office of Study Abroad will work with approved exchange students to complete registration for international insurance.

Exchange students from partner universities applying to UCA, please visit UCA International Engagement’s Admissions page

Financial Assistance

For information about the types of financial aid available for each program, please see this graph: Financial Aid Overview