Honors Independent Study Abroad

Any students receiving a TAG Grant will need to register through the UCA Office of Study Abroad.

1) Complete the online application information prior to your scheduled meeting. See below:

Honors Independent Study Abroad Registration

2) Attend the registration session and paperwork on in early January. Date to be announced. Be ready to sign paperwork and discuss any questions related to the study abroad procedures. If you cannot attend, please contact our office for an appointment.

3) Bring a copy of your passport (or your actual passport) so we may make a copy. If you do not have a passport, apply as soon as possible!

4) We will request a detailed itinerary closer to departure. This itinerary must include airline itinerary and other details such as hotel/hostel/host names, addresses and phone numbers.

5) Communicate with the office. Check your email account for updates as we will share important information related to international insurance, student identity cards, registering with the Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (https://step.state.gov/), health and safety meetings and other pertinent information.

Study Abroad Application Checklist (HONORS Independent Study)

____Copy of Online Application (initialed) including signed paperwork

____Copy of Passport to the Office of Study Abroad (due in late March)

____Signed Legal Paperwork

____Photo Consent Form

____ $40 Study Abroad Fee will be charged to your student account

____Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) form

____ International Insurance Requirements:

Anyone is able to purchase international insurance by going through the iNext website at www.inext.com.

____ ISIC card (optional) Students can pay $25 online and order this card which offers discounts for one year. To find out more visit myisic.com.

____Register with the Smart Traveler Enrollment Program once you have the address or addresses abroad


____Health and Safety Meeting in spring (check email for dates/location)

____Medical Form

____Flight itinerary: Please submit your detailed flight itinerary to natalief@uca.edu (4 weeks before departure).

____ Travel itinerary: Prior to travel, please submit your detailed travel itinerary including hotels/hostels/accommodation information via our shared google form link. This will be sent to your email account.

Some key points to consider:

Do I need to apply for a visa? Do I need my passport in advance due to the visa application process?

Have I called my credit card(s) and bank(s) to inform of international travel?

Do I need any vaccinations before traveling? Check cdc.org for suggestions.

Do I have an adequate supply of prescription medicine?

Have I completed the transfer of credit documentation?

Students can study abroad with programs that are not through UCA however the process of transferring credit is between the student, the department and the Office of the Registrar. Please see the Office of the Registrar for more information. https://uca.edu/registrar/transfer-student-guidelines/