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UCA students may apply to spend a semester abroad at a partner university. Students participating in an UCA Exchange Program will be enrolled in 12 to 15 credit hours of approved coursework while abroad for either one semester or a year. Tuition and fees at the partner university will be waived.  Your scholarships and financial aid at UCA may cover your tuition while you are taking classes in another country!

Students interested in spending a semester or year abroad should have a minimum of a 3.0 GPA with 60 credit hours completed by the beginning of the term abroad. Students considering studying abroad as an exchange should make an appointment with the Study Abroad Office in the first four weeks of the semester before participating in study abroad at a partner university. Our partners accept a limited of students per academic year.

When researching funding opportunities for Exchange programs, students should first select a program, then meet with the Office of Study Abroad to receive details on a program budget. Students should also contact the Office of Financial Aid for more details on funding eligibility.

For more information:

Exchange Checklist

Example of Course Approval Form

Course Approval Form

LEON exchange

Applying to Study Abroad as an Exchange

If you want to apply to be an exchange and study abroad with a partner university, you must submit all materials required by UCA Office of Study Abroad application within the first four weeks of the semester prior to the semester spent abroad. Partner universities accept a limited number of students from UCA. If a competitive process will be used to determine selection, the Office of Study Abroad and International Engagement will review of all files in the application to determine eligibility and selection based upon the following:




 Professor Recommendations

Interview (If necessary)

Committee Review (If necessary)

Statement of Purpose Essay (If necessary)


If your GPA is below the 3.0 requirement, you will be asked to submit a letter explaining how close you are to having a cumulative 3.0 and any circumstances you have faced that may have contributed to your current cumulative GPA. You will also be asked to submit a letter of recommendation from the department chair of your major.

For exchanges, please submit your basic information to our office.

Exchange Registration


For application for the semester exchange scholarship, please access below: Exchange Scholarship Application

Interested in becoming an exchange at UCA? Please visit: Incoming Exchange.

Students are responsible for acquiring the appropriate travel documentation, arranging accommodations abroad and providing financial support for personal and food expenses during the exchange program.


UCA Exchange Partner Universities

Partner schools are listed by region.



East Chine Normal University


Global China Program

Shanghai, China •  Primary Language of Instruction: Chinese • Chinese as a Second Language Courses Available. Business, Political Science and other coursework available in English.

Fall Semester:  September-December

Spring Semester:  February-June

East China Normal University is a key university under the direct auspices of the Ministry of Education of China. There are nearly 2500 international students from over 50 different countries studying at ECNU. The university is situated in Shanghai and hosts a language immersion each summer for students to attend including UCA students.

International Student Guide ECNU



Qingdao University


QU Logo

Qingdao, China • Primary Language of Instruction: Chinese

Courses available in English:  A limited variety of course work applicable to the following fields of study: Business/International Business, Management, Economics, Finance, Asian Culture and History, Asian Studies • Chinese as a Second Language Courses Available.

Qingdao University is situated in the eastern coastal city of Qingdao, China, in a beautiful setting on the Yellow Sea Coast with Mount Fushan in the background. Founded as early as 1920, Qingdao University has developed into an ideal place for international students to study and live. It has an enrollment of over 30,000 undergraduate students, over 1,200 were postgraduates, nearly 600 overseas students.


Library at MGLounge at MGLounge at MG 2

Deadline November 1, 2016

Meiji Gakuin University

Yokohama Campus


Spring Semester: April -July

Fall Semester: September -January

Japanese Language Instruction- All levels

Example Course Offerings in English: Contemporary Global Issues, Minorities Issues, Economy of South East Asia, Peace Studies, Japanese History, International Finance and additional offerings per semester in English.





Bangkok, Thailand • Primary Language of Instruction: English

Fall Semester:  September-December

Spring Semester:  January to April

A variety of courses available in the following fields of study: Business Administration, Humanities and Language, Science, Social Science, Travel Industry Management.


Mahidol Course Catalog





English Offerings

UMONS image

Mons, Belgium Center

Center of Mons: Cafes, restaurants, pop up venues and more. Photo provided by Study Abroad Coordinator


Mons, Belgium • Primary Language of Instruction: French • Courses available in English: A variety of Business Courses • French as a Second Language Courses Available

Fall Semester:  September-December or January

Spring Semester:  February-June

UMONS is ideally located in the city of Mons about an hour and a half train ride from Brussels. The buildings of the university are spread out in the historical heart of the city, forming a real urban campus. UMONS has around 7,000 students.  Business classes are taught in French or in English. The location of Mons is ideal for travel to Brussels, London and Paris by train.



Edge Hill


edge hill logo

Ormskirk, England • Primary Language of Instruction: English

Fall Semester:  September-December

Spring Semester:  January-May

Edge Hill College opened in Liverpool in 1885 as the first non-denominational teacher training college for women. From its origins as a specialist institution with 41 female trainee teachers, Edge Hill now has 26,000 students on a wide range of undergraduate and postgraduate programs.

look left Grayson photo

Photo provided by Fall 2015 exchange in Edge Hill University.

View application process and course information.

View from Dorm at Edge Hill. Photo by former UCA exchange student, 2015.



Université Catholique de l’Ouest (UCO)

Angers, France • Primary Language of Instruction: French • French as a Second Language Courses Available.

Fall Semester:  September-December or January

Spring Semester:  January-May

UCO Library

You can study abroad in the UCO Library on campus. Photo by Natalie Flemming.

Founded in 1373, re-founded in 1875, UCO is one of the oldest universities of the Great West. Studying in France gives you the opportunity to explore a unique culture and historical heritage. Over the years, France has acquired a reputation for its art of living, traditionally consisting of fine and sophisticated food, fashion and perfumes. France is proud of its state-of-the-art science and management techniques. France is currently the fifth economic power in the world and second exporter of services worldwide. France is a safe, reassuring country that welcomes visitors warmly and offers an exceptional high level of welfare and protection.

amber food photo

UCA exchange student to UCO in Fall of 2015 wrote, “To-Go: This is not a thing.” Our student in France, studying French as an exchange writes, “You can go to kebab or sandwich shops and get une formule à emporter (meal to go), but you will not find a box or a doggy bag. So, order exactly what you know you’re capable of eating. I think between this concept and the three course meals, it really forces you to be mindful of what you’re eating… I’m sure people have very grandiose ideas about French eating habits, but I think the most important thing I’ve gathered is a much healthier relationship with food (with the exception of 2 am cheeseburgers).”



Konstanz University

Konstanz Logo

Konstanz, Germany • English Instruction and German Language Courses

Full year or Spring semester only

Fall Semester:  October-February

Spring Semester:  April-July

Konstanz University, located in south Germany, offers study opportunities in Mathematics and Natural Sciences, Arts and Humanities as well as Law, Economics and Politics. In three tightly structured faculties with their interdepartmental collaborative research units, academic teaching develops out of the current state of research. Following this principle, many of the 100 and more study programmes have an interdisciplinary approach including a range of international course offerings taught in English and providing double degree options. Over 10.000 students coming from more than 90 countries are enrolled and represent 12% of the student body. With more than 250 partner universities worldwide, the university is part of an expansive global network of learning opportunities.

View of Konstanz

View of Konstanz, Germany. Photo by Exchange in Konstanz 2016.


hague university


the hague

The Hague, Netherlands • Many classes are offered in English including Business and IT coursework.

Spring semester only

Spring Semester:  January/February-June/July

The Hague University of Applied Sciences was founded in 1987. Most of its studies are concentrated in and around The Hague in the Randstad metropolitan region in the southern Netherlands. The main campus in The Hague is located behind The Hague Hollands Spoor railway station by the Laakhaven Canal. The Hague offers today a total of 42 higher education degrees. Currently, The Hague teaches around 23,4000 students.




International Students

Leon, Spain • Primary Language of Instruction: Spanish • Spanish as a Second Language Courses Available.

Full year or Spring semester only

Fall Semester:  September-February

Spring Semester:  February-July

The University of León was founded as autonomous entity since 1979. Most of its studies are concentrated in the city of León, at the Campus de Vegazana. There is a second campus in the city of Ponferrada in the province of León. The ULE offers today a total of 53 higher education degrees taught in 17 Centers by a total of 26 Departments. During academic year 2006/2007 the total number of students almost reached 14.000.

The International Relations Office will take care of your stay at the Universidad de Leon. It manages mobility under the frame of programmes or International agreements for student or staff exchange.

Study in Leon

LEON exchange

Group of UCA exchanges in Leon during          Spring 2015 semester.


URJC logo

Madrid, Spain – Primary Language of Instruction: Spanish.

Courses Offered in English

Fall Semester:  September-December or January

Spring Semester:  January to May

Courses available in English at the URJC campus in Madrid:  A limited variety of course work applicable to the following fields of study: Business/International Business (MBA), International Relations, Marketing, Primary Education, Pre-school Education, Tourism.

Rey Juan Carlos University is the youngest and most modern of all public universities in Madrid. Since its foundation in 1996, the Universidad Rey Juan Carlos has stood out among Madrid’s public universities for its dynamic and vigorous character. URJC’s main objective is to offer an all-round preparation for its students by combining theoretical teaching with training in laboratories and companies. The university has enrolled more than 40,000 students, including 4,212 international students (11%) from over a hundred countries all over the world.

South America





Buenos Aires, Argentina

UAI is located in Buenos Aires, Argentina. With more than 20,000 students this university offers more than 70 degrees of undergraduate and graduate studies. Cultural activities will help students of the Spanish as a second language program to be comfortable within society.




brazil skyline

Varginha Skyline. Photo by Intern to UNIS, 2016.

Varginha, Brazil • Courses available in English: A variety of Business courses • Portuguese instruction available

Fall Semester:  August-December

Spring Semester:  March-July

The Centro Universitario of Southern Minas Gerais, UNIS, is situated in the southeast of Brazil in Varginha, Minas Gerais, representing the most important coffee producers in the world. Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo are nearby. Founded in 1965, this university has more than 13,000 undergraduate students, 1,500 post graduation and approximately 50 international students. Paid training is included.

Here are some tips from UCA Study Abroad participant 2016 to Brazil.

  1. Skin So Soft. Protecting yourself from mosquitoes made easy in one product! Avon stores and consultants should have these on hand. Make sure you put saran wrap in the lid to prevent spillage, I double bagged mine (freezer bags) and it didn’t leak for me!
  2. Take a chance and try the local food! Coffee, Aςai, Croquetche, Pão de Queijo, Tapioca, Brazilian BBQ, Pizza, Sushi, etc. I’ve been a “why not?” type of person since I got here and it’s been so worth it!
  3. Finally, learn the dance language of Brazil, Samba. Find a local club or disco or even some of the students here to teach you some moves. It’s a blast to watch and learn from them!!





Santiago, Chile  •  Primary Language of Instruction: Spanish




Colima, Mexico • Primary Language of Instruction: Spanish

The University of Colima offers foreign students a multicultural environment, facilities for academic development, fine arts and sports, all of which contribute to comprehensive personal growth. Such growth is based on global understanding and local actions.

Coursework available in English: Spanish as a second language.


If the State Department issues a travel warning in any of these world regions, students will be prohibited from attending the partner university where the travel warning is in effect.

Exchange students from partner universities applying to UCA, please visit International Engagement’s Admissions page: