Chinese Language Immersion Program

Program Description

Learn Mandarin and Chinese culture firsthand in China at one of the leading universities for teaching Chinese as a second language. Students pursuing a major or minor in Mandarin Chinese will experience a city in China, explore nearby cities, learn Chinese calligraphy and participate in a variety of cultural activities and events.

Course Offerings

UCA Course Credit: Earn 6 credit hours, transferable to UCA

CHIN 2320 Intermediate Chinese II

CHIN 3300 Advanced Chinese Grammar I

CHIN 3303 Advanced Chinese Grammar II

Students must have completed 3 or more credit hours of Chinese prior to enrolling in this program. Approval by Dept. of Languages, Linguistics, Literatures and Cultures is required.

Honors credit (HONC 3310: Junior Honors Seminar) is available with approval from Dr. Patricia Smith.

Important Dates

Interest Meetings: TBA

Tentative Travel Dates: TBA 2020

Also, please plan to attend one of our two mandatory Health and Safety meetings (dates will be provided via email). Attendance of a Health and Safety meeting is required in order to participate in any study abroad program. 

Assisting Faculty Leader

Contact Dr. Guo-Ou Zhuang or Prof. Jia Zhu for more information on courses and credits.

Department of Languages, Linguistics, Literatures, & Cultures

Program Cost

2020 Program Cost TBA

For reference only, see the 2019 Language Immersion in Shanghai Program Cost.

For information about international insurance coverage: