Global Expo, an event to celebrate International Education Week, was held in the UCA amphitheater on Nov. 14, from 1-3 p.m. The event, hosted by International Engagement, drew a crowd of around 300 students. Many different countries were represented at the event, including Canada, France, Germany, Spain, Belgium, Niger, South Korea and Morocco, among others. International students decorated posters with information about their host universities.  Many brought artifacts and prepared typical food dishes representing their home countries.

Alexandre Waroquier and Maud Retif, exchange students from Belgium, prepared “quatre quarts,” a traditional dish, for the event.  They said the name of the dish means ‘four fourths,’ because only four ingredients are used: flour, butter, eggs and sugar.

Students in foreign language courses could earn enrichment credit at the event.  At the start of the event, students received a “passport.”  For each table they visited, they received a stamp in the passport.  International Engagement gave away free shirts to students with at least six stamps.

Waroquier said the event was a great opportunity for international students to share experiences with students considering traveling and studying abroad. “Students are more interested in hearing about our experiences. I got to share what it’s like to travel and live in another country, the difficulties and how you manage them,” Waroquier said. “For example, we learned that here you need someone with a car to get groceries. You can’t necessarily learn that on a website.”