Week of Mindfulness April 1 – 7

It has been a long winter of clouds and rain. You are almost finished with your spring semester, focus on your needs and finish strong. Take this week to look at some options to focus on mindfulness.
Wednesday April 1st – Meditation
Thursday April 2nd – Connect with nature
Friday April 3rd – Mindful Seeing
Saturday April 4th – Join us for Virtual Yoga via Zoom
Sunday April 5th – Recite Positive Affirmations
Monday April 6th – Body Scan Exercise
Tuesday April 7th- Make a Gratitude List


Below you will find some faculty recommendations:

Yoga with Adriene

Align Counseling & Wellness on Facebook

Melting with Mindfulness –  Sometimes you just need to melt the frozen feeling.

Is Calm app free? The Calm app is free to download, and you will not incur any charges from simply downloading it or creating a Calm account. … If you wish to subscribe to our full library guided meditation programs, Sleep Stories, Music, and Masterclasses that are regularly updated, you can subscribe to Calm Premium on an annual basis.

Headspace is very pricey. The company charges $12.99 per month to get access to the meditation sessions beyond the introductory ones. … But you can find plenty of ways to do guided meditation for free. And the free approaches can also be better than what you’ll find on Headspace. 

Art Therapy and Mindfulness
Website that offers online zoom workshops during COVID-19.
You can also find a free coloring sheet online for a free option. You can find one here.
Free Coloring Printable

Person practicing meditation

art therapy picture