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How Do I Track Student Activities Through GradesFirst

How do I use GradesFirst for Progress Reports or Early Alerts

Probation and Academic Alert

What is UCA’s probation process?

Student Success Workshops (on-campus)

Student Success offers weekly Academic Success Workshops open to all students, and hosts online workshops through StudentLingo.  These can easily be assigned as homework or offered as extra credit in your courses.  You can track student participation through GradesFirst (see above). The schedule of workshops is online here.

Student Success Workshops (online)

Student Success subscribes to Innovative Educators’ StudentLingo online workshops for students.  These workshops provide students information on improving study strategies, time management skills, socio-emotional skills, and more.  Students (and faculty) simply create their own account through the Student Success website or through this link.

Workshops for Faculty (Teaching for Student Success)

UCA subscribes to Innovative Educators – Go2Knowledge platform, which contains numerous recorded and live webinars on teaching for success.  To access these, log into MyUCA and find the “Go2Knowlege” tile.

Student Support Guide

UCA Student Support Guide

Study Skills Resources

SQ3R – SQ3R Graphic Organizer

Reading Strategies InfoGraphic – Before-During-After

Research on Student Success

See our posted articles and resources here

Universal Design

How to design curriculum and pedagogy to help all students succeed in higher ed

The Center for Universal Design

Resources from the UCA Center for Teaching Excellence

CTE Resources

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