Faculty/Staff Fee Waiver Information


  • Employee – graduate and undergraduate classes
  • Spouse – graduate and undergraduate classes
  • Dependent – undergraduate classes only

Waiver amount

  • 80% of tuition and the following fees
    • Facilities Fee
    • Student Co-op Education Fee
    • Student Center Fee
    • HPER Fee
    • Athletic Fee
    • Technology Fee
    • Fine/Performing Arts Fee

Online Students

  • The portion of the online course fee and the fully online graduate program registration related to the above fees will be discounted at 80%.


Step 1  – Filing – You must fill out the waiver forms (available in the Human Resource office or on their website) and turn them in to Human Resources by the deadline.

Step 2 – Eligibility – Once Human Resources determines you are eligible for the waiver, it will be put in the system.

Step 3 – Authorization – Once Financial Aid reviews (and adjusts if necessary) your financial aid package with the waiver included, it will be authorized in the system.

Step 4 – Posting – When the waiver is authorized, it will be posted to your student account at the next daily posting cycle.


Eligibility – Please contact the Human Resources Office

Financial Aid Effect – Please contact the Financial Aid Office

Account Balance – Please check myUCA or contact the Student Accounts Office


See Board Policy 623 for additional information.