Social Events Policy


The Office of Student Life recognizes the value of both on and off-campus social events. In an effort to ensure the safety and success of these events, the following policy shall govern the planning and implementation of all social events. Any exceptions to these procedures must be approved by the Vice-President for Student Services or designee. 

A social event is defined as any function or activity that is provided by an organization to meet the social needs of members and/or guests. Regardless of location, it may be defined as a registered student organization social event if:

  • it can be associated with a specific recognized student organization by a reasonable observer
  • members took part in the coordination of the event for the benefit of other members of the organization
  • the event is sponsored, financed, or endorsed by the organization

All social events must be registered on CubConnect. There, the social events will be categorized into one of three tiers. If an event type is not listed in one of the three tiers, it will be evaluated by the Office of Student Life for the most applicable tier. 

Any event with alcohol will automatically be categorized as a tier 3 event. 

Any event that could fall under two categories will be categorized in the higher tier. 

Example: A sisterhood campout could fall under tier 1 or tier 3. It would be categorized as tier 3. 

Tier One:

  • On campus open and closed events

Event types: pageants, yard shows, game nights, on-campus brotherhood/sisterhood 

Tier Two:

  • Off-campus closed events and/or on-campus open event

Event types: variety shows (social pageants), member/date functions, sporting events and races, mixers, membership recruitment functions, off-campus brotherhoods/sisterhoods, casino nights

Tier Three:

  • On-campus open events, Off-campus open events, off-campus closed events. 

Event types: probates, formals, semi-formals, picnics, walk-outs, step shows, sporting events and races where alcohol is present, fashion shows,  parties, dances, concerts, festivals, camp-outs, canoe trips

Within the tiers, all social events will be categorized as on or off campus and either open or closed. 

  • Open events held on-campus are restricted to UCA students and each student is allowed to bring one and only one guest to the event 
  • Open events held off-campus must be held within Faulkner county, and are limited to students with current college ID plus one guest per member of the sponsoring organization 
  • Closed events, whether on or off-campus, are restricted to members of the sponsoring organization and each member is allowed to bring one guest 

Note: A student organization may invite other special groups if approved in advance by the Office of Student Life. 

Note: At the discretion of UCA PD, up to two major student social events are allowed on-campus per day.

In order to host social events, the president, two additional executive board officers and the member responsible for planning events must attend the social events training held each semester by the Office of Student Life. If an organization fails to meet this requirement, all social event privileges will be revoked for that semester.

A student organization that sponsors a social event shall at all times be responsible for the actions of its members, new members, associate members and/or guests.

Recognized student organizations are not permitted to host social events during Welcome Week, Study Week or Finals Week.

In addition to any civil or criminal action taken by local authorities, alleged violations of this policy will be addressed through the university discipline system. The national office of the sponsoring organization may notified. Information about off-campus events will be forwarded to appropriate law enforcement agencies. UCA reserves the right to attend and monitor an event’s activities

New Member Presentations (Probates) Policy

NPHC and UGC new member presentations are celebratory events open to the community. All new member presentations should adhere to the following process.

  1.  All New member presentations should be registered on CubConnnect 14 days in advance.
  2. UCAPD should be contacted prior to registering the new member presentation to ensure that UCAPD can provide officers. Officer coverage will be at the discretion of UCAPD.
  3. Chapters are required to use the following party supplies at new member presentations:
    1. Security Wands
    2. CubConnect Corq App (available on mobile devices phones).
    3. Driver’s License Scanners  
    4. Attendance Clickers
    5. Signage (No Alcohol, No Loitering, ID Required)
  4. Supplies can be picked up after 1:00 p.m. on the day of the event. If the event is on the weekend it is the responsibility of the organization to pick up the party supplies on Friday after 1:00 p.m.
  5.  New member presentations not registered 14 days in advance will not be approved.
  6. New member presentations that occur outside will be managed on a case by case basis, with UCAPD and Student Life staff.
  7. UCAPD reserves the right to cancel new member presentations if party supplies are not present.     

Chapters hosting new member presentations are responsible for all guest, including but not limited to: chapter/organizational alumni members, brother/sister chapters from different schools, families, friends, and any guest permitted entry into the event. 

Bid Day Policy

IFC Fraternity “Bid Day” events will be registered on CubConnect 14 days in advance and are limited to fraternity and sorority life students. Parties supplies required for this event include: signage, wands, and CubConnect scanners. 

Before the Event 

Police and Security 

UCA Police are the required method of security for events held on or off campus within Faulkner County. UCA Police, in consultation with student life staff, will determine the number of officers needed to work the event. Any on or off-campus social events registered as “open” must have uniformed police officers with arrest authority present at the event. Closed events may be required to have police officers present depending on the judgment of the UCA Police department in consultation with student life staff.

Deadlines for student organizations to contact UCA Police differ according to where the event will take place.

 Events within Faulkner County

  • RSOs must contact UCA Police no later than fourteen (14) days prior to an event to make security arrangements 

Events outside of Faulkner County

  • UCA police will not work off campus events outside Faulkner County. Documentation of the security agency working the event must be submitted to UCA police thirty (30) days in advance and include the contact name and phone number.

RSO events will not be approved if they do not meet these deadlines. Once security arrangements are made with police, RSOs must then register their off-campus event with the Dean of Students via CubConnect.

Registering Events

All events must be registered with Dean of Students through an organization’s CubConnect portal. Administrators must go to the Events tab of their portal and click on “Create an Event”. From there they will include the event details and the accompanying form to begin the approval process. Failure to complete the registration process may result in an event not being approved

  • On-campus events and off-campus events within Faulkner County, whether open or closed, must be registered at least fourteen (14) days in advance 
  • Off-campus events outside of Faulkner County must be registered at least thirty (30) days in advance 
  • Events with contractual live entertainment (concerts, speakers, etc.) must be registered thirty (30) days in advance

Note: If transportation will be provided through a charter bus company, a Bus Conduct Agreement must be completed and returned to the Office of Student Life before the event will be approved. This paper form is available in the Office of Student Life.

Time of Events 

On-campus events scheduled on weekends (Friday and Saturday) must end no later than 1:00 am; events scheduled on weeknights (Sunday through Thursday) must end no later than 12:00 am. Off-campus events must have music turned off and lights turned on no later than 2:00 am.

Guest Lists

Information required on a guest list must include guests’ names and driver’s license or state issued ID number. Guest lists must be submitted to the Office of Student Life via CubConnect at least 48 hours in advance.

  • For open off-campus events, individuals without a valid college ID must be included on the guest list 
  • For closed off-campus events, individuals who are not a member of the sponsoring organization(s) must be included on the guest list 

Note: Guests must have a valid driver’s license or a state-issued ID card with them upon entering the event. Individuals not on the guest list cannot be allowed into the event.

Event Supplies

All organizations must obtain social event supplies from the Office of Student Life before their event. Organizations may purchase their own party supplies as approved by the office of student life. Party supplies must be shown to PD at time of payment to prove their working order. If party supplies are not functioning correctly, then a new set should rented out at the office of student life. 

Supplies will be available for pickup no sooner than 1:00pm the business day of the event. Amount of supplies provided will vary based on number of anticipated attendees and the event venue.

  • Tier 1 event supplies: none
  • Tier 2 event supplies: CubConnect scanner
  • Tier 3 event supplies: CubConnect scanner, wands, clicker, social event signs 
  •  If the event will have alcohol, wristbands and an age verification card reader will also be provided


No advertising of an event can take place until the event has been approved on CubConnect. If advertising happens before approval is granted, the event may be subject to cancellation. Advertisement can only happen for open events and must include “Limited to students with a current college ID”.

Banner Policy 

Banners are permitted to be displayed outside of the student center with approval from the office of Student Life.

To hang a banner outside the Student Center, the Banner Space Reservation form (  on CubConnect must be completed 14 days before the date of display. 

Once the space is reserved, the Banner Submission form on CubConnect ( must be completed 2 business days in advance (Monday-Friday) before the banner is reserved to be hung up. 

Banner design must be approved before banners can be displayed.

Banners are subject to approval by the Office of Student Life staff and banner spaces may not be occupied for more than five days at a time. Organizations are responsible for putting up and taking down their own banners.

During the Event 

Party Monitors 

A student organization must provide its own members as “party monitors” to work an open event. The guideline will be one party monitor per 50 estimated participants at the event. Party monitors must wear identifiable security uniforms. Student party monitors must attend a training program provided by UCA Police department and UCA Student Life. The number of party monitors to be trained must be sufficient in size to cover the largest anticipated open event sponsored by the organization. 

Duties of the party monitors are to:

  • Introduce themselves to the advisor (for on-campus events) and university police officer to review security procedures (for all events) 
  • Administer admission procedures established for the event
  • Assume responsibility for the supervision of the event in keeping with policies governing the use of the building and university regulations 
  • Report any infraction of school policy to the advisor, RSO leadership, and University police officer

Admission Procedures 

At Tier 3 events, social event signs must be posted outside events to address loitering and other behavioral issues.

  • Guests should enter through a single entrance 
  • Guests must be passed over using the metal detector wand
  • For UCA students: Scan the BearCard 
  • For Non-UCA Students: Verify student status by examining college ID, then scan driver’s license or state-issued ID 
  • For Guests: Verify invitation by referencing guest list and then scan driver’s license or state-issued ID 
  • Ensure fire code for the venue is not exceeded by using attendance clicker 

At Tier 2 events:

  •  For UCA students: Scan the BearCard 
  •  For Guests: Verify invitation by referencing guest list


Advisors may be required to attend any social events based on the discretion of Student Life staff and administrators. 


To sponsor a closed, off-campus event where alcohol will be present, the executive officers, social chair, and new member chair (if applicable) must complete an alcohol risk management program sponsored by the appropriate UCA department. This program will include information on local, state, and federal laws, as well as responsible party planning. In addition, a copy of the organization’s national policy on social events and alcohol related events must be on file with the Office of Student Life. Student organizations are responsible for establishing procedures to minimize the risk of alcohol related incidents, and ensure that all local, state, and federal laws (and national policies if applicable) are followed. Such procedures may include, but are not limited to:

  • Checking IDs to ensure students are of legal age to consume alcohol 
  • Establishing an identification system (such as wrist bands) to ensure alcohol is not provided to minors 
  • Providing designated drivers for individuals who are intoxicated and/or are over
  • the legal limit to drive
  • Actively taking steps to minimize intoxication of individuals

After the Event

Returning Event Supplies

All supplies provided by the Office of Student Life must be returned by noon of the following business day. If supplies are not returned by this deadline, a $15 per day late fee will be charged. If items are not returned within a one week timeframe or have been misplaced/lost, the organization will be charged the full replacement cost for the item(s). All RSO privileges will be suspended until any late fees or replacement costs are received.

Uploading Attendance 

Attendance for events will be uploaded to CubConnect by the Office of Student Life upon the return of the event scanners. If an organization is using a card scanner that was not checked out by the Office of Student Life, they must upload all attendance to CubConnect within 24 hours of the completion of the event.

Evaluation Report 

At the end of each open social event, UCA police will complete a report to debrief the event. The report will be submitted to the Student Life staff. The purpose of the report is to communicate concerns and make recommendations for improvements for future events, if necessary.


The University has established guidelines to assist recognized student organizations that wish to schedule outdoor events on the UCA campus. Refer to the Social Events Policy for regulations regarding timing of events, security, and event advertisement.

Costs– RSOs that schedule outdoor events may be assessed charges related to their event to include

    • Campus security 
    • Electrical/Lighting needs 
    • Restroom facilities (for portable toilets) 
    • Staging, tables, chairs, etc. 
    • Possible clean-up

Outdoor Music– Amplified music played in an outdoor venue is regulated by the rules set forth in the Student Entertainment Policy.

Clean-Up– Student organizations who schedule an on campus outdoor event must have a clean-up committee whose purpose is to clean up event grounds immediately following the event. Failure to adequately clean up the event area will result in a fee assessed to the organization.

Locations – The following locations have been identified as possible sites for outdoor events

Weekend Event Locations (for Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights):

  • Mudstock area (Southwest of Physical Plant) 
  • Farris Intramural Softball Fields
  • Outdoor Recreational Field
  • Indoor Practice Facility 
  • Irby Hall Plaza 
  • Technology Plaza 
  • Alumni Circle (in front of Main Hall) 
  • Area between Prince Center & Meadors Hall 
  • Amphitheater & Student Center Plaza

Weeknight Event Locations (for Monday through Thursday nights):

  • Mudstock area (Southwest of Physical Plant)
  • Farris Intramural Softball Fields
  • Outdoor Recreational Field
  • Indoor Practice Facility

Alternative Locations:

  • Events that do not use sound amplification or where noise is not an issue may be scheduled at other outdoor locations on campus, with approval of dean of students and University police.
  • Events with sound may be considered at other outdoor locations as long as they do not conflict with night classes, other campus events, residence hall students or surrounding neighbors; and are approved in advance by the dean of students and University police.

 Additional Information:

  • Events cannot interfere with night classes or other university scheduled events (including but not limited to events in SFA, Student Center, Intramural Sports, Athletic practices in Pepsi Center, etc.) residence hall quiet hours or residents living near campus. Scheduling office staff will be responsible for determining if an event interferes with classes or other scheduled events.
  • The event locations listed above are approved on a trial basis and may be adjusted in the future depending on scheduling of night classes and other considerations.
  • The Outdoor Event Locations & Guidelines document will be made available to Recognized Student Organizations through the UCA Scheduling Offices and at RSO training.


UCA hosts many events on campus to provide entertainment to the campus community. It is the goal of the University to allow entertainment that is of interest and meets the diverse needs of students, while at the same time providing an environment free from sexual, racial and other forms of harassment.

Student organization who wish to schedule an entertainment event must first register the event through CubConnect by going to

Outdoor Music- Music provided by student organizations, through use of disc jockeys, for outdoor activities *i.e. step shows, tailgating, etc.) must be “radio friendly.” Music should not contain lyrics that are obscene or sexually or racially offensive. In addition, the University has the right to control sound levels for music played outdoors.

Booking of Musical or Comedy Acts- Student organizations who sign contracts with musical, comedy or other entertainment acts must first be reviewed and approved by the Director of Student Activities through CubConnect. No student organization should sign a contract without first going through the CubConnect approval process.