On-Campus Employment

Many students work on campus.  There are three types of student jobs available at UCA:

  • Work study employment, which is largely federal funded positions.  To be eligible, students must be awarded federal financial aid through the FAFSA program.  Most on-campus jobs are work study positions.
  • Non-work study employment, which are university funded positions.  Students need not be eligible for federal financial aid for these positions.
  • University contract services employment, which are jobs provided by vendors who contract with the University including ARAMARK Dining Services (501-450-5981 or http://centralarkansas.campusdish.com/) and Barnes & Noble Campus Bookstore (501-450-3414 or https://www.theucabookstore.com).


There are TWO primary means for obtaining an on campus job:

  • Check the UCA Career Services website for job listings at www.uca.edu/careerservices/.  In addition to job listings, this office provides information on interview skills, job tips, internships and cooperative education programs and other career related services.
  • Make application directly with an office or department on campus. Many students will seek employment within an office affiliated with their academic major. For example, if you are a biology major, you might try contacting the biology department. Other departments who hire a large number of students include – residence halls, HPER Center, Intramural Sports (for sport officials), University Library, and ARAMARK Dining Services.