Faculty/Staff Wishing to Report…

As we chart this new territory, we need to work together to ensure that the health and safety of our campus community is top priority. The following information is intended to help faculty and staff address situations in which students are not adhering to the mask/face covering mandate.

Students are able to go through the Disability Resource Center to receive a mask/face covering exemption. Only students who have gone through this process are exempt from using face coverings. There should be no other exceptions to this policy.

For campus spaces outside of classrooms, such as the cafeteria, library, the student center, and other enclosed areas, exempted students will be issued a card that will make it easy to identify them as an exemption to the policy.  Faculty and staff outside of the classroom should ask the student to present their exemption card. If a student claims to have an exemption but has no exemption card with them, they must put on a mask or face covering or leave the classroom, area, or event.

For classroom spaces, faculty will receive an email notifying them if a student in their class is mask-exempt. If faculty have students in the classroom that have been exempted, they should attempt to find the student a seat that is at least six feet away from other students in the class. If a student is not exempt and is not wearing a mask, follow the procedure below.

If non-exempt students are in violation of the mask mandate, the following steps are suggested:

  1.   Ask the student if they have a mask, and if they have one, remind them to put it on.
  2.   If the student does not have a mask, offer the student a disposable mask. Staff and faculty should contact their supervisor or department chair for information about obtaining disposable masks for their area or classroom. 
  3.   If the student refuses to put on a mask, ask them to leave the classroom, area, or event.
  4.   If the student refuses to leave the classroom, area, or event, you should call UCA PD for further action.
  5.   Do not argue or escalate the situation. Refusal from students to comply should be dealt with in the same way as other campus disruptions.

It is our hope that no situation will rise to the level of disruption, but it is important that our faculty and staff know the protocol for addressing concerns.

In instances where students do cause a disruption by refusing to wear a mask or by refusing to leave the classroom, area, or event, the following referral form may be submitted. This form will be used by the Dean of Students to address student issues. In addition to disruptive situations, faculty and staff may also feel it necessary to report students who have numerous violations of the mask mandate even when it is not a disruptive situation. The report, in this instance, will allow the Dean of Students to address repetitive non-compliant behavior. 

DOS Referral Form

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