STEMteach Courses

How do I begin?

  1. Add STEMteach to your Bachelor of Science degree in mathematics, science, or computer science. Take STEP 1 (STEM 1100) for course tuition reimbursement. Working closely with a Master Teacher, you will design lessons and learn teaching strategies through a hands-on approach. You will experience teaching three lessons in a local elementary school.
  2. If you like it, take STEP 2 (STEM 1101) where your Master Teacher will help you to develop additional lessons that will be taught for students in an area middle school. You will experience teaching three lessons in a local middle school.
  3. Extensive early field (teaching and observing 2 hours each week) is required for STEM 2301 (spring only) and STEM 3300 (fall only). Please remember to make adjustments to include travel time when creating your course schedules. This early experience in the classroom will prepare you to dive into the rest of the program to become a highly qualified secondary school math, science, or computer science teacher.

UCA STEMteach Courses:

STEM 1100, STEP 1: Inquiry Approaches to Teaching

STEM 1101, STEP 2: Inquiry-Based Lesson Design

STEM 1301, Knowing and Learning in Math and Science

**STEM 2301, Classroom Interactions (spring only)

**STEM 3300, Project-Based Instruction (fall only)

**STEM 3310, Research Methods in Math and Science

**STEM 4600, Apprentice Teaching

**STEM 4305, Apprentice Teaching Seminar

**Requires admission into the College of Education

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“What do we know works to improve student achievement in K-12 education? I’d say great teachers who know the content.” –Arne Duncan, U.S. Secretary of Education