About STEMteach

The University of Central Arkansas implemented STEMteach – a program modeled after UTeach Institute in Austin, TX – to strengthen STEM-teacher education in Arkansas. The STEMteach program components are aligned with the UTeach Institute and are a collaborative effort between UCA’s College of Education and College of Natural Science and Mathematics.

While we welcome any out of state candidates, completion of any program, other than an initial licensure program, may not lead to licensure or endorsement in Arkansas or in the state in which you reside. It is your responsibility to check with your state’s department of education to determine if the license or endorsement requirements are met through the program of study. If you are a potential out of state candidate, please contact the program coordinator directly. 

UCA STEMteach Goals:

  • To attract and retain more and better students into secondary math, science, and computer science career paths. Teachers with math, science, computer science degrees are in high demand.
  • To establish an enriching curriculum that integrates modern technological teaching tools, opportunities to experience the joy of scientific discovery and problem solving, and a mastery of the content.
  • To prepare outstanding math and science teachers who are leaders of their discipline, integrate technology to enhance the classroom, and involve students in inquiry-based learning.


Who should try STEMteach?

Did you know?

The Arkansas Department of Higher Education offers federal student loan forgiveness for math and science teachers. Click here for more information.

How UCA STEMteach Works:

UCA STEMteach provides math, science, and computer science majors the opportunity to try out teaching before ever committing to the STEMteach program. Beginning with two one-hour courses, students get the opportunity to develop and deliver quality math, science, and computer science lessons to students in area classrooms.
For those who want to continue, the STEMteach program integrates with the math, science, and computer science program of study to add teacher licensure to the original degree. Upon completion of the degree, STEMteach graduates have the same opportunities for graduate school or doctoral programs as other math, science, computer science majors with the additional option of teaching.

Want to learn more about STEMteach? Click here for more information.