Professional Development for Teachers

The UCA STEM Institute is a non-profit organization. Cost to the Local Education Agency (LEA) will be limited to covering the actual cost for the services provided. In general, the 1/2 day professional development program, with one presenter is approximately $400 plus travel expenses and a full-day program with one presenter is approximately $750 plus travel expenses.

In-depth training cost depends on the length of the training and the number of teachers to be served. UCA STEM Institute will negotiate these contracts based on the needs of the individual site. UCA STEM Institute will always strive to provide this type of service for as little cost to the LEA as possible.

Professional Development Programs provided by UCA STEM Institute:

PD for Teachers


The following workshops are structured as 1-hour overviews or full implementation workshops. Three-hour non-degree graduate credit is available for 45 contact hours. They can be presented as 2-hour to 3-hour short workshops, 6-hour (full day) workshops or, week in-service trainings 45 contact hours – non-degree graduate credit available)

AP Biology Lab Activities

TI – Explorer

Vernier LabQuest

PASCO wireless


Mini Gel Electrophoresis

Engineering is Elementary (EiE)


Our PRIME PURPOSE here at UCA STEM Institute is to assist Arkansas Educators in their pursuit of excellence in education. We stay on the “cutting edge” with our training services and have a place to include a variety of programs, projects, and information that do not “fit” in the other categories.  Contact Dr. Uma Garimella by phone at (501)-450-5663 or e-mail at