EQUALS has developed innovative mathematics curriculum materials to increase access and equity for all students and to help childrenĀ  everywhere realize success in mathematics. We have a special focus on traditionally underrepresented groups-all females, students of color, and those from low-income and language-minority families. EQUALS and FAMILY MATH serve Pre K-12 educators, parents, and children.

AsĀ leaders and experts in the fields of mathematics, equity, and bilingual education, our academic staff present workshops and write books for both home and classroom use. FAMILY MATH and its Spanish counterpart MATHEMATICA PARA LA FAMILIA encourage families to become advocates for their children’s education and to promote early family involvement as a key to a child’s mathematics success.

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For questions about the UCA STEM EQUALS program, contact Belinda Robertson (501) 450-3621 or Email at belindar@uca.edu