Thomas Nuttall’s Journey across Arkansas and into Oklahoma- A Cross-curriculum STEM Teaching in the Classroom

This program is sponsored in part by the Library of Congress Teaching with Primary Sources Midwest Region Program, coordinated by Illinois State University.

PI: Dr. Umadevi Garimella

Co-PI: Dr. Debra Burris

Amount: $20,000

This project will provide content and pedagogy training in using LC maps/photographs digital primary resources for twelve
4-12 grade social studies, science, and math teachers. These teachers will then use the training to write a 5E lesson plan to use with their students during the 2019–2020 school year while being mentored by grant faculty. The workshop will be held at UCA in the summer (24 summer training hours.) with two follow-up school visits/online meetings during academic year (12 hours follow-up work) and 2 classroom visits (4 hours).

UCA-Science in Action IX South Side and Wonderview 2018-19

Funding Agency: Arkansas Committed to Education Foundation and administered by the Arkansas STEM Coalition

PI: Dr. Umadevi Garimella

Amount: $6,600

Time period: 1/01/2019 – 12/30/2019

UCA STEM received the Commitment to Excellence Grant titled “UCA-Science in Action IX South Side and Wonderview 2018” for promoting STEM education in Arkansas classrooms grades 3-6. South Side and Wonderview elementary schools are the partner schools. Each received approximately $3,000 worth of science equipment based on the science content needs of the students and the teachers. The UCA science specialist, Nicole Martin, will provide the professional development necessary to increase the teachers’ content and instructional skills in science. The professional development will be provided at the school site and in the student classrooms with the teacher teaming with the content specialists to learn how to use the equipment and how to deliver inquiry-based lessons.

Excellence In Elementary School Science (EESS K-4) [COMPLETED]

Excellence in Elementary School Science (EESS)

Math and Science Partnership grant project

A Special Professional Development for K-4 Teachers – maximum of 30 teachers

The main goal of the project is to enhance teacher content knowledge and teaching skills that prepare students for success in the new science standards. The program proposes to offer teacher professional development science initiatives that will enhance learning progressions and support the coordination of the AR science standards, curriculum, instructional practices and multiple forms of assessment. The science initiatives will align with the comprehensive implementation plan developed by the state implementation team.

More information about the project and list of partners

 Location: University of Central Arkansas, Main Hall 214

Tentative Dates: Saturday meetings: January 21; Feb 4; March 11; May 6

Tentative Summer Institute: June 12-16; July 10-13

Teachers will receive:

  • 60 hrs of PD including 6 hrs of technology credit
  • Up to $1,800 ($150/day) stipend and $350 worth books and materials
  • Classroom support from UCA faculty

 Commitment from the teacher:

  • Attend 4 Saturdays of training during academic year
  • 9 days summer institute
  • Complete the required assignments
  • $100 registration fee
  • Pre/post assessment
  • Student data

Register on-line for the program: