Professional Development Application

2017/2018 Fiscal Year Funding Schedule

Quarter I (July-September)

Applications available May 8-26

Quarter II (October-December)

Applications available August 1-18

Quarter III (January-March)

Applications available November 1-14

Quarter IV (April-June)

Applications available February 1-17

All full-time classified or non-classified staff with at least six months of service are eligible to apply.

Award recipients will be required to work one football game and two basketball games.

Questions? Contact Erica Ruble at 852-0142 or

The Staff Senate Professional Development fund was established by the Staff Senate of the University of Central Arkansas to assist a staff employee in pursuing opportunities for professional development. Specifically, these funds can be used by a staff member seeking support for a book scholarship-if taking classes outside of UCA or conference attendance. The senate seeks to advance opportunities of continuing education, advanced or higher education, certification programs, or conference participation. All full-time classified or non-classified staff with a minimum of six months of service are eligible to apply. The value of the funding depends on the available funds and the number of applicants.
  • Found on your Faculty/Staff ID BearCard and often referred to as your "B" number. Please enter numbers only.
  • Is your department supporting your travel? Does your professional development opportunity allow for other funding opportunities such as scholarships or stipends?
  • Please initial here to acknowledge you will receive both an on-screen confirmation message as well as a confirmation email once your application is submitted. Please do not exit this browser window until you confirm your application was submitted.
  • Please initial here to acknowledge that recipients will be required to work one home football game and two home basketball games.
  • All recipients of Staff Senate Professional Development funds are required to seek approval from their supervisor for the specific professional development activity they are requesting funds for (with the exception of book scholarships). Initial above that you have read and are aware of this requirement.
  • By submitting this form you agree to allow the release of your academic information to the Staff Senate Scholarship Committee and allow the Professional Development Chair to verify your employment status and income information. Initial above to signify you are releasing the required information to apply for this scholarship.
  • If you would like to submit additional documentation or receipts, please upload your file here.