UCA Research, Scholarship, and Creative Arts Collaboration Database

Interests Methods Link to Personal Page
Dr. Angela T. Barlow, Professor and DeanMathematicsabarlow5@uca.edu, 501-450-3124Professional development for Elementary TeachersQualitative MethodsBarlow Link
Dr. Darshon Reed, Associate ProfessorPsychology and Counseling501-450-3224Self-regulation, goal pursuit, motivation, and social cognitionExperiments, Surveys, interviews, and archival dataReed Link
Prof. Sandy Longhorn, Associate ProfessorFilm, Theatre, and Creative Writingslonghorn@uca.edu, 501-450-5108Poetry, Place-based Writing, Ekphrastic Writing, Paper ArtFree Verse Poetry, Persona Poetry, Poetry Comics, Collagewww.sandylonghorn.com
Dr. Louis Nadelson, Associate Professor, ChairLeadership Studies501-450-3254Leading, learning, human perceptions and knowledge, my interests are expansiveAll, quantitative, qualitative, mixedNadelson Google Scholar
Dr. Rahul Mehta, ProfessorPhysics & Astronomyrahulm@uca.eduScanning Electron Microscopy, Atomic Physics of Inner shell ionization, Astronomical measurements, Global Warming and Environmental effectsdata analysis with statistical methodologies, Trace element analysis, gamma ray and x-ray spectroscopic techniqueMehta Link
Dr. Emre Celebi, Professor and ChairComputer Science and Engineeringecelebi@uca.edu, 501-852-0931Computer vision, image processing, data science, data mining, machine learningCelebi Google Scholar
Dr. Patrick Desrochers, Professor & ChairChemistry & Biochemistrypatrickd@uca.edu, 501-450-5936transition metal coordination complexes, magnetic materials, molecular spectroscopiesinorganic synthesis (inert and moisture free conditions), chromatography, spectroscopy, electrochemistry, magnetic susceptibilityDesrochers Website