UCA Research, Scholarship, and Creative Arts Collaboration Database

Interests Methods Link to Personal Page
Dr. Angela T. Barlow, Professor and DeanMathematicsabarlow5@uca.edu, 501-450-3124Professional development for Elementary TeachersQualitative MethodsBarlow Link
Mr. John Black, Computer SpecialistCollege of Natural Sciences Deans Office. jblack@uca.edu, 501-852-2437Cyber Security Focus Groups N/A
Dr. Emre Celebi, Professor and ChairComputer Science and Engineeringecelebi@uca.edu, 501-852-0931Computer vision, image processing, data science, data mining, machine learningCelebi Google Scholar
Dr. Matthew Connolly, Associate ProfessorGeographymconnolly@uca.edu, 501-852-2640Environmental Science, Physical Geography, Water Resources, Fluvial Geomorphology, GIS, Remote Sensing, Drone data collection, Machine Learning, Spatial Analysis, Aquatic EcologyQuantitative Analysis, Fieldwork, GIS, Remote Sensing, DronesConnolly ResearchGate
Dr. Patrick Desrochers, Professor & ChairChemistry & Biochemistrypatrickd@uca.edu, 501-450-5936Transition metal coordination complexes, magnetic materials, molecular spectroscopiesInorganic synthesis (inert and moisture free conditions), chromatography, spectroscopy, electrochemistry, magnetic susceptibilityDesrochers Website
Millie Goins, Assistant Director of Student Wellness and ProgramsCampus Recreation and Wellnessmgoins@uca.edu, 501-470-7587Wellness, Public Health, and Diversity, Equity, and InclusionN/AMillie Goins LinkedIn
Dr. Lesley Graybeal, DirectorService Learninglgraybeal@uca.edu, 501-852-7416Community Engagement, Research, High-Impact Practices, Service-Learning, Civic Attitudes and Participation, Civil Discourse/Dialogue Across Differences, Community Partnership Development, Community Partner Perspectives, Indigenous KnowledgeQualitative Research, Ethnographic Methods, Community-Based ResearchGraybeal Link
Dr. Hal Halvorson, Assistant ProfessorBiologyhhalvorson@uca.edu, 501-852-1280Water, Ecology, Environmental Science, Microbes, Insects, BiogeochemistryExperiments, Data synthesis and meta-analysis, Field StudiesHalverson Aquatic Ecology Page
Dr. Amy Hawkins, Associate Professor of Public RelationsSchool of Communicationaamy@uca.edu, 501-352-4111Scholarship of Teaching & Learning, Trauma-Informed Pedagogy, Science of Learning, Inclusive Pedagogies, Student Persistence/Retention/SuccessPrimarily Qualitative (focus groups, interviews, ethnographic observation)Hawkins Faculty Page
Dr. Fred Hickling, Interim Chair
Mathematicsfredh@uca.edu, 501-450-3614
Topology/Mathematical Physics/Fair TaxationHickling Faculty Page
Dr. Holly Langster, Assistant ProfessorNursinghlangster@uca.edu, 501-450-5528Academic Writing for Dissemination of Research in Healthcare ProfessionsInterprofessional Educational Experience (English, Education and Nursing) for healthcare students leading to learn writing and APA formatting for research disseminationLangster Faculty Page
Prof. Sandy Longhorn, Associate ProfessorFilm, Theatre, and Creative Writingslonghorn@uca.edu, 501-450-5108Poetry, Place-based Writing, Ekphrastic Writing, Paper ArtFree Verse Poetry, Persona Poetry, Poetry Comics, Collagewww.sandylonghorn.com
Dr. Thomas Lowder, Associate ProfessorExercise and Sport Sciencetlowder@uca.edu, 501-450-5713Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, rare diseases, female health, immunologyGrants, papers, collaborationsLowder Link
Dr. Rahul Mehta, ProfessorPhysics & Astronomyrahulm@uca.eduScanning Electron Microscopy, Atomic Physics of Inner shell ionization, Astronomical measurements, Global Warming and Environmental effectsData analysis with statistical methodologies, Trace element analysis, gamma ray and x-ray spectroscopic techniqueMehta Link
Dr. Louis Nadelson, Associate Professor, ChairLeadership Studieslnadelson1@uca.edu, 501-450-3254Leading, learning, human perceptions and knowledge, my interests are expansiveAll, quantitative, qualitative, mixedNadelson Google Scholar
Dr. Odunola Oyeniyi, Assistant ProfessorLeadership Studiesooyeniyi@uca.edu, 501-450-3282Suicide prevention, child abuse prevention, grief and loss therapy, student-teacher engagement/relationships, multicultural counseling training and supervision, family dynamics of a diverse population, college students’ challenges and adjustment, bullying among high school students, high school students’ academic success, drug abuse and prevention, and familial risk factors for academic issues among students.Surveys, focus groups, interviews, mixed methodsOyeniyi Google Scholar
Dr. Susan Perry, Assistant ProfessorElementary, Literacy, Special Education sperry8@uca.edu 870-230-2926Disabilities (Mild-Moderate, Learning and Health related, Attention Deficit Disorder, Epilepsy, Dyslexia, Service Animals, K-12 with major interest in Post-Secondary); K-12 Response to Intervention; Disability Law (K-12 and higher education public & private schools and institutions); Educational Equity for Students with Disabilities in Higher Education; Teacher Education Preparation and Curriculum Development; K-12 Professional Development in anything related to reading disorders, learning & health disabilities; Executive Function and learningQualitative and Mixed Methods Perry Link
Dr. Darshon Reed, Associate ProfessorPsychology and Counselingandersond@uca.edu, 501-450-3224Self-regulation, goal pursuit, motivation, and social cognitionExperiments, Surveys, interviews, and archival dataReed Link
Dr. Stephanie VandersliceFilm, Theatre, Creative Writingstephv@uca.edu, 501-499-5076Creative Writing Pedagogy, Fiction, Creative Nonfiction, Historical FictionLit. reviews, textual research, historical researchVanderslice Google Scholar