Subaward Monitoring

UCA Subaward Workflow: Pre-Award Stage

  • PI completes and signs Subawardee-Contractor-Vendor determination form during proposal stage.
  • Pre-Award requests documents from the subaward recipient institution to be included in the proposal submission:
    • budget
    • justification
    • statement of work/scope of work
    • signed UCA Consortium: LOI (Letter of Intention)

IF subaward is the result of a rebudget of an existing award:

  • PI contacts Pre-award to request a new subaward out of an existing award
    • Written permission from the funder is required.
    • PI sends the revised budget to the Pre-award Office.
  • After the UCA award has been released, Pre-Award verifies that the budgeted subaward amount is the same as proposed and creates a subaward agreement document. If the budgeted allocation has changed, request a revised budget from the PI.
  • The agreement is sent to the subaward recipient.
  • Pre-Award contacts the PI to initiate a requisition request for the subaward PO. Requisition number needs to be included in the contract routing form. The requisition should include the following text in the Doc Text field:

This is a subaward to RECIPIENT NAME funded by the grant entitled “GRANT NAME.” A contract is routing. ORSP will forward a copy of the fully executed agreement and signed contract routing form when it becomes available.

  • The subrecipient institution returns the signed documents to Pre-Award.
  • Pre-Award completes a contract routing form.
  • The fully executed agreement is scanned and returned by email to the subrecipient institution, copying the PI, sub PI, Post-Award, and Grant Accounting.


UCA Subaward Workflow: Post-Award Stage

  • Post-Award Specialist meets with PI after a grant with a subaward agreement is fully executed, and informs the PI about subaward workflow and common mistakes to avoid.
  • Grant Accounting creates a subaward index no and moves funds from grant index to subaward index.
  • Grant Accounting notifies the PI and Post-Award Specialist of the subaward index no.
  • After PO is approved, Post-Award Specialist contacts the subrecipient (SPO) and sends a UCA invoice template along with the PO number.
  • Subrecipient sends invoices to Grant Accounting.
  • UCA Grant Accounting checks invoices and sends it to the UCA PI for approval.
  • After invoice is approved by Grant Accounting and UCA PI, PI sends signed invoice to Accounts Payable at
  • Accounts Payable sends a check to the subrecipient.
  • Post-Award Specialist communicates with Pre-Award, PI, Grant Accounting, and subrecipient for timely processing of all the paperwork, sends reminders when needed.
  • Post-Award Specialist checks invoices and monitors spending, keeps an invoice track sheet in excel.


PI Responsibilities

  • Communicate regularly with the subrecipient PI to monitor progress on the project (Preferable once a month, please cc the emails to the Post-Award Specialist)
  • Communicate with ORSP early if changes need to be made to the statement of work, budget, reporting requirements, budgeting, or if any other issues arise.
  • Review the invoice sent by sub awardee and monitor to make sure expenditures are reasonable and in line with project goals. PI may ask for documentation/justification of expenditures if needed.
  • Confirm that expenses are aligned with technical progress