Post-Award Managment

Grants Accounting

Sponsored Programs handles grants and contracts in the pre-award stage. Once a grant or contract has been awarded, most funding will be managed by the grants accountants in Grants Accounting. Visit the Grants Accounting web page for questions regarding post-award activities. Or contact…

  • Sandy Ahne (federal and federal flow-through programs):, 450-3409.
  • Angela Haynie (state, local, private foundation, and corporate programs):, 450-5012.

Research Compliance

For questions regarding human participants and vertebrate animal subjects in research, please visit the Research Compliance web page. 

Pre-Award Spending

Sponsored Programs oversees requests for pre-award spending. Pre-award Spending Request Form

Once we receive an official award notification from the program officer, you may fill out the form and return it to the grant administrator for your college. 

No-Cost Extensions

Sponsored Programs oversees requests for no-cost extensions. No-cost Extension Form

Updated: April 2020