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Overview of Post-Award Administration


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Post-Award Specialist
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Frequently Asked Questions




When can I start spending on my award?

After initial notification of award by the funder, Pre-Award Administrator will process the paperwork, and once UCA has the fully executed agreement, Pre-Award Administrator will send an award release to the PI, Grant Accounting, and the Post-Award Specialist. Grant Accounting will enter the grant budget into Banner and send the index number to the PI and the Post-Award Specialist. PI can start spending on grant once he/she receives the index number.

What is allocable, allowable, and reasonable cost?

Allocable: A cost is allocable to a project if goods or services involved are chargeable or assignable in accordance with the relative benefits received by the projects. In order to be allocable a cost must be treated consistently in like circumstances. For further information see OMB Circular A-21 or 2 CFR 200, Subpart E.

Allowable: A cost is allowable to a project if:

The costs are reasonable;

The costs are allocable to the specific project;

The costs are treated consistently in like circumstances; and

The costs conform to any limitations of the cost principles or the sponsored agreement.

For further information see OMB Circular A-21 or 2 CFR 200, Subpart E.

Reasonable: Would a prudent person pay this amount for this item or “If it were published on the front page of the news, would that be okay with you”? For further information see OMB Circular A-21 or 2 CFR 200, Subpart E.

What is F&A cost?

Costs that are incurred for common or joint objectives and, therefore, cannot be identified readily and specifically with a particular sponsored project, an instructional activity, or any other institutional activity. Also referred to as Indirect Costs (IDC).

What are some red flags/mistakes to avoid in grant management?
  • Transfer of significant funds during the last three months of the project
  • Cookie-cutter justifications
  • Re-budget to purchase equipment in the last three months of an award
  • Explanation for the change creates more questions than answers
  • Cost transfers
  • Re-budget of funds to pay personnel not in original budget
  • Request falls outside the written guidelines from the sponsor or creates a change in the scope of work
How can I request a No-Cost Extension?

First a written approval from funder needs to be requested (usually 1-2 months before the grant end date) unless NCE is automatically allowed per award agreement. Then, PI needs to fill out and submit a UCA NCE form to the Grant Accounting. After approval by Grant Accounting, the Post Award Specialist will issue a NCE release for the award.

How can I request a Pre-Award Spending?





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