UCA Hire Workflow

Applicants are only hired through People Admin OR DocuSign.  Not both.  If they are hired through PA then that is all that needs to be done unless there is a change in status then a Docusign will need to be completed.

First Time Hire

All of the New Undergrad Student Hire, Adjunct/Part-Time, Extra Help and GA Hire are hired through PA. 

There are three workflows in the applicant tracking system.

  1. The posting workflow for the position.
    – The originator is the person who is completing the request to post a position. This is usually department Admin or department head
  2. The applicant workflow/reviewing of the applications.
    – After posting goes through all the reviews and approvals on PA, the applicant will be asked to submit his/her docs via PA
    – The hiring manager will recommend the applicant for hire, start the hiring proposal and move them to HR for background check (except for student workers; this step will be completed by the originator).
  3. The hiring proposal workflow which will be your Electronic Personnel Action Form.
    – This will be moved through the workflow until it is approved and you will receive and email from HR with the EPAF and further instructions.

Rehire An Existing Employee

  • For GAs: Submit a PAF via Docusign every semester and attach other GA forms to the Docusign PAF. You will need to attach: GA Rec Form, Tuition waiver form and GA evaluation form (Eval form is required once a year), and Concurrent Employment Form. 
  • For Extra help re-hire: Submit a PAF via Docusign
  • For Undergrad Students: Submit a student rehire form via Docusign.  This form can be found below: