Budgeting Salaries

This page is in development. Please check with the grant administrator for your division to determine allocable, allowable, and reasonable costs for your grant proposal, including equipment vs. supplies, matching (or “cost sharing”), participant costs, etc.

Salaries and Wages

How do I determine the salary for a new position created specifically to carry out a grant? Research. When determining a new salaried position, research the salaries used for the same program at one of our peer institutions or at other predominantly undergraduate institutions in the South. Look at similar positions already established at UCA in the current operating budget. Check Arkansas Code to ensure positions for classified staff follow the appropriate grade.

How do I calculate salary for employees already on the payroll at UCA?

Are there any special considerations for graduate student workers?  Yes. If graduate assistants are employed through grant funding and opt not to take classes in the summer, they become student workers, which changes their fringe benefits rate from .3% to 8%. Additionally, the paperwork for this change can take up to a month for processing: the possibility exists they may not receive a paycheck anywhere from two weeks to a month during this time. They will be paid for all the hours they conduct work for the grant project, but it is incumbent on the PI to ensure the change is filed well in advance to accommodate the change in employment status.

Are there any special considerations for undergraduate student workers? Yes. If they are enrolled full time, their fringe benefits rate is .3%. If they are enrolled less than full time, their rate is 8%. If you can justify paying a student worker more than minimum wage (for example, a graduate student working in summer but not taking classes or an undergraduate with a specialized skill set), you may them more than minimum wage.

What about international students? Both graduate and undergraduates must have special visas, to work more than 20 hours a week during the calendar year. As with other students, if they have a specialized skill set, you may be able to justify paying them more than minimum wage.

What are the rules governing the employment of a post-doctoral researcher?

Fringe Benefits

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Indirect Costs

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