Preparing a Budget for Routing

In order to route your grant application for institutional approvals, Sponsored Programs must have the following three (3) items five (5) business days priors to the agency’s deadline:

  • a draft of the proposal narrative (project description, research strategy, etc.).
  • UCA Budget Spreadsheet.
  • the budget justification, with each category listed in the same order as UCA’s Budget Spreadsheet. 

NOTE: PIs/PDs are responsible for completing these AND all agency forms and submitting them to Sponsored Programs within five (5) business days. We appreciate your understanding that we are each working on several grants at once and need this time to ensure your application is properly submitted. Sponsored Programs professionals are happy to assist by proofreading your budget; discussing whether costs are allocable, allowable, and reasonable; providing advice; and answering questions.

Cost Sharing

Cost-sharing, also known as “matching,” is required as a part of many grant programs. For example, all NEA grants require UCA to match 100% (or 1:1) requested from the agency. If a PI/PD requests $5,000 from the NEA, UCA must match the grant with $5,000. There are two types of funds that can be used to provide cost-sharing: “cash match” and “in-kind.” “Cash match” sources include salary and wages, third-party donations, money from fundraising activities, etc. “In-kind” includes goods and services provided by a third party and waived indirect costs, when the granting agency allows them to be included. 

Sponsored Programs maintains the Research and Grant Development Fund to provide cash-match funds (a.k.a. cost-sharing) for grant programs that require it. PIs/PDs should fill out both the UCA Budget Cost-Sharing Spreadsheet and the UCA Pre-Award Cost Sharing Authorization Form to request funds from this program, which are awarded on a case-by-case basis. See the UCA Cost Sharing Policy for additional information.

Pre-Award Spending

If you need to request funds for your grant activities before your awarded grant has been officially received by UCA, you can request such funding using the pre-award spending request form. 

No-Cost Extensions




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