Internship Opportunities and Study Abroad

Internship Opportunities

The sociology, criminology, and anthropology internship program is designed to provide juniors and seniors with an opportunity to obtain valuable job-related experience and future employment contacts while still a student. For this directed field experience, students enroll in SOC 4370 and are assigned to an agency of their choice for a volunteer period of 150 hours. Past internship opportunities have included such locations as a mayor’s office; police and sheriff departments; the United States Marshals Service headquarters in Washington, D.C.; hospitals; the Department of Human Services; Arkansas Educational Television Network; the Faulkner County Museum; Toltec Mounds; and numerous human services agencies. Please contact Internship Coordinator Dr. Janet Wilson for additional information on internship opportunities (, 450-5580).

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Travel Seminars

Cultural immersion is achieved through Travel Seminar classes. These trips provide students with first-hand experience in research and cultural practices. Most recently, students traveled to the Four Corners region of the United States and the Navajo reservation. Students participated in data collection, toured ruins, museums and cultural centers, interacted with Native Americans, and increased their camping and hiking skills.