What is an Evaluation?

What are the initial steps to take if you, a family member, or a friend have concerns about hearing, speaking, understanding, comprehending, reading or other communication and language abilities?


STEP ONE:  Contact the UCA Speech Language Hearing Center (SLHC) to schedule an Evaluation.

What is an Evaluation?  It is an appointment that lasts from one to two hours in which a series of questions  will be asked and tests will be administered to determine if there is a speech, language, cognition, or hearing problem.   In addition, the type and severity of the problem will be determined.  Recommendations will be made for treatment if needed and for any other type of followup.


STEP TWO:  Complete the paperwork.

Once contact is made with the UCA Speech Language Hearing Center, you will need to complete a questionnaire that describes your area(s) of concern.   This questionnaire is called a  Case History form and is typically about 5 pages in length.    The document will need to be completed and returned to the UCA SLHC prior to being placed on the schedule for an Evaluation.



Once the paperwork is received, the Evaluation will be scheduled.   The evaluation process is explained briefly in Step One.   At the end of the evaluation, the speech language pathologist or audiologist will describe the steps that will be taken next.   The steps to be taken next typically include a) giving you a brief overview of how the Evaluation went, b)  letting you know that a Diagnostic Evaluation Report will be written once all tests and information are gathered together, and c) letting you know what is next.    The final written Diagnostic Evaluation Report takes about two weeks to complete.  Once the report is written, a followup meeting will be scheduled or the report can be mailed directly to you.   If speech therapy is recommended, you will be contacted so that this can be scheduled to start as soon as possible.



What are some of the typical types of Evaluations completed at the UCA Speech Language Hearing Center?

Comprehensive Speech and Language Evaluation

Hearing Evaluation

Reading Assessment

Stuttering Evaluation

Voice Evaluation

Social Skills Evaluation

and much more….


Please contact us if you have any questions.