Registering Your RSO

Why should I register my RSO?

Registering your student organization gives your group access to the privileges and services UCA provides. Some of the resources available only to recognized student groups include:

  • Use of the UCA name and logos.
  • Use of University facilities.
  • Audiovisual and technical services.
  • A listing in the UCA RSO Directory (if done by September 15).
  • Access to University funding through SGA Student Activity Fee Allocation (SAFA).
  • Ability to hold benefit fundraisers.
  • Advice and consultation from UCA and many other University departments and programs.
  • The ability to publicize Events at UCA.
  • Use of Student Center mailboxes.
  • Discount on Aramark catering.


Who should register?

Every academic semester, active student organizations must re-register. Only the administrators of the RSO portal are able to access the settings tab to edit profile information, so be sure to transition administrator access at the end of your officer terms.


What information do I need?

Be prepared to include the following:

1. name of the organization

2. names, email addresses, and phone numbers of President, Vice President, Secretary, and Advisor.

3. an organization web address (optional)

4. estimated membership total

5. when/where regular meetings are held


When is the renewal due?

Fall Semester: September 6, 2013

Spring Semester:  February 1, 2013 (if you officers have changed since the September 6 submission)

If your renewal is submitted after September 6, there is a $25 late fee.


Is there anything else I should do?

Along with renewing your RSO, you also must complete a background check form.  This form must be completed by every RSO and they have the same due dates as the Officer Registration Form. The background check form only has to be completed by one person per RSO; that person should be the individual that will pick up the check and be responsible for depositing those funds.

Information you will need to complete the form:

  • Name
  • DOB
  • Sex
  • Race
  • Height
  • Weight
  • Hair Color
  • Scars, Tattoos, etc
  • Driver License Number & State
  • Address
  • Place of Employment & address


Where can I find the renewal and form?

The RSO renewal and background check form are only available on OrgSync, our new student engagement network.  You can access OrgSync by logging into your myUCA and clicking the green arrow at the top right.

Click on settings at the bottom left of your RSO page to edit the organization profile for renewal.

The Background Check form is available in the Forms Section or by clicking here.