Registering Events

All RSO’s at the University of Central Arkansas are expected to register their events and meetings with the Office of Student Life. Please note that these registrations must be received no later than two weeks before the event/activity/meeting will take place.

The registration process is as easy as placing your event on your organization’s OrgSync calendar.


Navigate to the “Events” page on your RSO’s OrgSync page and click the green “Create an Event” button on the right side of the page.

RSO OrgSync Events Page


Fill out the basic event information

Create an Event OS Page

Choose your Event visibility. You have complete control over who sees the event when it’s approved.

The first option (Public+Website) makes your event visible to everyone and gives you the ability to post it to other websites.

The second option (University of Central Arkansas) makes your event visible to anyone who has logged into OrgSync. This does not automatically make it show up on the community calendar, you must check the box at the bottom for that to happen.

The third option (RSO Name) will only make your event visible to members of your organization.

The last option (Selected Groups) allows you to make events visible to certain groups within your organization. This is useful if you want to schedule meetings for executive boards or specific committees within your organization.

If you want to make your event visible on the Student Life and Community Calendar, you can check the box at the bottom.

Event Visibility

Step 3:

Fill out the Event Registration form. This form will load automatically after you click the green “create event” button on the previous page. ┬áThis form is designed to only ask the questions pertaining to the type of event you will be having. Events where there are more details or risk management will require more questions. When you’ve finished and submitted the form, your event has been registered and sent to the Student Life Office for approval. Your submitted event will be visible to admins on your events page with the notation “pending approval” as soon as you’ve submitted your request. You can click on it to view the status of the request, message our office or edit any details. Once it has been approved, the notation will be removed and it will become visible to everyone which you made it available.


I can’t find the “Organizational Event Form” on the OrgSync homepage…

That form is no longer in use and has been replaced by this event request process.

Why does my organization need to register all of our events?

The Student Life Office needs your events registered so that we can make sure that all activities are in compliance with UCA policy and allows us to better gauge organization activity levels. Registering your event helps us help you foresee any planning issues and hurdles.

I started the event request form but didn’t finish it, should I make a new event?

Nope! OrgSync will save your event and your progress once you’ve created the event. To continue where you left off, go to your “Forms” tab and look for your event. You will see a green “finish” button next to your event.

OS Finish Event Registration