COVID-19 Best Practices

Encouraged Best Practices for Meetings and Events

These recommended Best Practices are meant to assist members of the University of Central Arkansas community in planning events during the academic year 2021-2022. This document is based on the Arkansas Department of Health’s Guidelines for Small Indoor Events, last updated February 15, 2021. The event guidelines below have been updated to reflect changes to Arkansas state law, CDC’s Interim Public Health Recommendations, and the CDC’s Guidance for Institutions of Higher Education.

The initial document can be found at:

  • Event capacity should be dependent on the ability of attendees to maintain three (3) feet physical distance. Should occupancy become such that physical distancing becomes untenable, the event should limit access to the event, temporarily suspend event activities, or otherwise intervene to ensure physical distancing can be assured.
  • Seating should be adjusted to encourage three (3) feet of distancing between all persons. Household groups may sit together but three (3) feet should be provided between groups. This may require reservations and assigned seating to ensure physical distancing is maintained.
  • Face coverings are strongly recommended for all persons present. Children less than two (2) years of age should not wear a facial covering. The facility should have a supply of face coverings available for those who may not have one.
    • When seated and maintaining three (3) feet physical distance, face coverings may be temporarily removed for consumption of food or beverage but should be in place at all other times.
  • Hand sanitizer stations should be located at the entrance/exit of the venue.
  • Signage pertaining to COVID-19 symptoms and exclusions should be posted at the entrance to the venue.
  • Performers/presenters should be separated from the attendees by at least twelve (12) feet and microphones, lecterns, etc. should be sanitized between use.
  • Frequently touched surfaces should be cleaned periodically during the event. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for these products.
  • Areas where lines may form (entrance/exit, food/beverage service, registration, etc.) should be marked or monitored to ensure physical distancing is maintained.
  • If food is served, caterer-served plated meals or buffets are preferred. If attendee self service is necessary:
    • Tables should be released one-at-a-time to limit lines.
    • Face coverings should be worn while moving through the line.
    • Hand sanitizer use before self-serve food is recommended.
    • Serving utensils should be replaced every sixty (60) minutes and/or every time a food item is replaced on the buffet.
  • Event activities such as games, ceremonies, or demonstrations should be modified to allow three (3) feet physical distance to be maintained.
    • For weddings and other events where dancing is a common activity, dancing is discouraged due to the close personal contact that is required/anticipated.

To view the Guidelines for Large Indoor Venues or other COVID-19 Guidelines from the Arkansas Department of Health please go to the Arkansas Department of Health website.

Updated 8/6/21