Cirque Mechanics Birdhouse Factory

TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 16, 2021 AT 7:30 P.M.

Enter the most unlikely setting for a circus, a factory.  One where the workers are acrobats and the machines are circus props.  Welcome to Birdhouse Factory!  See a contortionist perform on a turntable powered by unicyclists.  Be captivated by the trapeze artist powered by the spins of an acrobat inside a giant wheel.  Be stunned as the trampoline wall artists defy the laws of physics.  Giggle at the antics of the characters, be impressed by the acro-dancing and enchanted by the story of laughter, love, flight and birdhouses.  Birdhouse Factory is a simple story of daily life in a “widgets” factory circa 1935 as workers are brought together by the most unlikely of events, a bird accidentally injured by the main steam boiler.  The accident and caring for the bird, brings the workers closer together and inspires them to break away from the monotony of the assembly-line.  They showcase their true inner talents and abilities by using their bodies and machines to build birdhouses in a more joyous and soulful way.

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