DOKTOR KABOOM! The Science of Santa

Doktor Kaboom the Science of Santa

WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 16, 2020 AT 10:00 A.M. AND 12:30 P.M.

Science and magic are the same thing. Therefore, Santa Claus must be the greatest scientist alive! This realization does not sit well with the towering ego of science comedian, Doktor Kaboom. Join us as Kaboom struggles valiantly to solve the magical mysteries of the man in red. In this new holiday show, Doktor Kaboom attempts to learn the secrets behind making reindeer fly, getting down those tight chimneys, and knowing who’s been bad or good. Will he succeed? We doubt it, but we’re sure going to have fun watching him try!  Through this highly interactive comic performance, Doktor Kaboom will encourage students to express their awe of scientific demonstrations, to creatively explore the world around them, and to realize that science and mathematics are meant for everyone.  Recommended for ages 5-11, grades K-6.