Janet’s Planet

Janet's Planet

FRIDAY, MARCH 8, 2024 @ 10:00 AM SOLD OUT

12:30 PM 

Join Janet of Janet’s Planet™ for “Exploring Microgravity,” where Janet brings to light the legendary heroes of science such as Galileo, Sir Isaac Newton, and Henry Cavendish, and their groundbreaking theories that have shaped our understanding of the universe. “Exploring Microgravity” is a super interactive show with lots of opportunities for the audience to participate in demonstrations to try and DEFY gravity! With Janet’s fun and engaging approach, students will experience complex concepts in an accessible way helping them to retain more information and develop a deeper understanding of what astronauts experience in space. Numerous studies have shown that visual components are crucial to the modern student’s ability to grasp complicated concepts. With “Exploring Microgravity,” Janet has created an unforgettable learning experience that will inspire and educate students of all ages.

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Janet's Planet  Janet's Planet