Presidential Studies Minor


The goal of the Department of Political Science’s Presidential Studies Minor is to enable the undergraduate student seeking a career in Political Science, Public Administration, History, Journalism, Mass Communication, Business, or Education to select a minor field of study that will significantly enhance his/her substantive knowledge of the institutions, procedures, and policies of the American national government. Unlike the Political Science major and minor, which place equal emphasis upon political theory, American politics, and global politics, the Presidential Studies minor concentrates on American national politics and policy, focusing on how the chief executive influences, and in turn is influenced by, other institutions in the making of American national policy at home and abroad. Enhancing the minor is the close proximity of the William J. Clinton Presidential Library & Museum with its guest lectures, learning programs, and extensive museum and archive holdings.  For more information about the president studies minor program, please contact Dr. Gary Wekkin at 450-5686 or

Presidential Studies Minor – checklist