Current Internship Openings

Below is a list of current internship openings for all students majoring or minoring in programs located in the Department of Political Science.  If you are interested, please contact Dr. Kim Hoffman, Internship Coordinator, for more information regarding these internship openings.

1.  Democratic National Committee (DNC), Washington DC:

Interning at the DNC is a unique opportunity for hardworking, passionate future leaders to gain real-life, hands-on experience in Democratic politics, strengthen their understanding of the political process, and prepare for future political opportunities.  As a DNC intern, you will have the chance to participate in grassroots organizing, assist at DNC functions, receive personal development training, and network with DNC leadership and staff, in addition to department-specific substantive and administrative work. Each department offers you a unique learning experience—learn more about each department here.  Here is the link to all open positions:

2.  David Barber, Democratic Party Candidate for Arkansas State Senate District 17:

David Barber, a Democratic Party candidate for Arkansas State Senate District 17 including Conway and nearby areas, is seeking interns for a variety of roles including helping to organize and lead canvass events, phone voters, reach out to supporters, help with in-person events, social media activities, and other facets of the campaign as they arise. Paid and volunteer opportunities.  Contact David Barber at for more information or to apply.

3. Republican Party of Arkansas:

The Republican Party of Arkansas is seeking interns to be placed with various political campaigns in Arkansas.  Please send your resume to