Faulkner County Juvenile Court Case Study

Dr. Lesley Graybeal is leading a team of students and faculty in a field-based research project.  The study will look at Faulkner County Juvenile Court and Arkansas Office of the Courts. The focus will be to study one court’s successful interventions with court-involved youth using a community partnership model. This semester, students will contribute to the co-creation of research questions and case study design. They will also identify key stakeholders in the court partnerships, participate in data collection to gather stakeholder perspectives on the court’s work and its effectiveness, and deliver a descriptive outline of the programs and procedures in place to the community-based research partner.

In this initial phase of the project, the research team will engage in discussion of theoretical frameworks of leadership related to community-based programs.  The team will also collaborative to develop the study design, data collection and analysis. Students involved in the project will become familiar with techniques for conducting case study research, as well as best practices for community-based study design and execution. Faculty from the College of Education, College of Health and Behavioral Sciences, and College of Liberal Arts are also involved with various aspects of research with the courts.