Health & Fitness

Below is a list of the best classes to help you get in shape. From hula hooping to unlimited cardio classes, there's something new and different that will help you reach your exercise goals. Register online today!

Women’s Self-Defense Workshop

NOTE: THIS CLASS HAS BEEN MOVED TO SATURDAY, SEPT. 28th. During the Women's Self Defense Workshop, you will learn basic, effective "real life" self-defense tactics. Awareness to surroundings, most effective techniques, avoidance, etc. will also be discussed. The workshop is based on Street Smart Self Defense System which was developed by Master Brice Bishop several years ago. Master Bishop, who will be conducting the workshop, is an 8th degree black belt and is the owner of National Black Belt Academy here in Conway.

Regular Fee: FREE

Sat, September 28 - September 28

10:00 am - 12:00 pm


Balance: Body & Soul – A Movement Class

Balance, Body, & Soul is a movement class with the goal of helping you reconnect with your body and restore and improve balance and posture. If you live a sedentary lifestyle due to job demands, age or injury, you will find this course beneficial, or even if you're just looking to get yourself moving, you should discover ways of being that will promote a stronger, more nimble body. Each class will build on the previous week's work and will borrow techniques from Tai Chi, ballet, Thai bodywork and play.

Regular Fee: FREE

Mon, September 23 - October 28

6:30 pm - 7:30 pm

Location: Brewer-Hegeman Conference Center

Instructor: Leigh Ann Warriner, MMT, CMLDT


Combat Sinus Problems and Low Energy

Tired of seasonal allergies? Sinuses got you down? Join Ralph Marrero and Ashley Cornett, RD, to discuss how to improve your health and make a plan for a future of wellness. You will learn awareness of negative negative behaviors and make strategies for change in areas such as improving allergy and sinus problems, nutrition, better sleep and more!

Regular Fee: $25

Mon, September 23 - October 14

7:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Location: Brewer-Hegeman Conference Center

Instructor: Ralph Marrero, MD and Ashley Cornett, RD