QR Code Guide





What is a QR code?

A Quick Response code is a 2D code (see example above) which can be scanned by a smartphone to direct people to a particular piece of information.

How can I scan it with my smartphone?

Your smartphone must have a camera.  You will need an app that you can download to scan the code.  There are many free apps you can try to see which you like best.  We have found that QR Code Reader and Scanner or QR Droid apps work well with the QR codes we have generated for UCA Outreach.

What are the QR codes used for?

QR codes can direct your smartphone to:

  • Websites (makes it easy to bookmark a website)
  • Videos
  • Messages
  • Promotions (such as coupons or ads)
  • Phone numbers (makes it easy to contact someone)
  • Social media accounts
  • Electronic documents (such as catalogs)
  • Contact information (like an electronic business card)

Where can I find the QR codes?

You will find them on product labels, websites, print materials such as mail, magazines and newspapers, large signs, and even business cards.  The sky’s the limit so keep an eye out.  Currently, you can find Outreach’s QR codes on our website, mobile site, print advertisements and our catalog.

I tried to scan a QR code and it didn’t work.  What happened?

There are many factors that may have prevented you from scanning the code initially.  Most of the time however, with another try, it will scan.  However, if it does not, you may try the following things to have a better experience when scanning a code.

  • Try downloading a different app.  We have seen some QR readers read some apps from the same publication but not others.  Some apps are better with different QR codes than others.  We have found that QR Code Reader and Scanner or QR Droid apps work well with the QR codes we have generated for UCA Outreach.
  • Try moving into a brighter or better lighting.  If it is very dark where you are or too bright where you are, then you may have more trouble scanning.  This often depends on the needs of the camera you have on your smartphone.
  • Try moving the phone closer to you or closer to the code.  The camera may need more time to focus depending on the distance of the phone from the code.
  • Sometimes the QR code is smudged or not large or clear enough.  In this situation, you may not be able to scan that particular code.