Executive Chef Brandon Douglas

I grew up helping cook around the house.  I always enjoyed helping my grandparents cook around the holidays.  However, it was not until I began cooking for friends in my college years I really discovered a passion for food.  Upon graduation from Henderson State University in 2000, I tried a couple of odd jobs.  I was happy, but I wondered about what it would be like to be a chef.  A couple of years later, I ate at Chef Paul’s in Hot Springs.  After my experience there, I just could not resist my liking for food.  I loved it!  Just a couple of months later, I applied for a job to see how I liked it.  He hired me even though I had only worked for Wendy’s and a couple of pizza joints.  After a few months of employment I was hooked.  I joined the Arkansas Culinary School of Apprenticeship, later to become Pulaski Technical College – Arkansas Culinary School.  I apprenticed there under Chef Paul Uher until 2004.  As a student, I was honored to be nominated as Apprentice of the Year.  In September of 2004, I began working for Chef Paul Novicky at NU Cuisine Lounge, at the time it was the most exciting restaurant in town!  During my years at NU Cuisine I was awarded 2005 Sous Chef of the Year.  I have wonderful memories of food and friends at both of the places that taught me the ins and outs of being a young chef.


I am currently at The Green Leaf Grill, working with the staff to create fresh healthy foods for Arkansas Blue Cross Blue Shield employees and guests from all over downtown!  I enjoy getting creative with my stations and working with locally farmed produce.


Other culinary ventures include:   Four plus awesome years as the Executive Chef of Big Rock Bistro at Pulaski Technical College – Arkansas Culinary School.  I also instructed the Culinary School Apprenticeship Class each semester.  Two great years as Executive Chef of Arkansas Children’s Hospital.  At both of these locations I have been honored to be nominated as Chef of the Year in 2012 and 2014.  I have been a Certified Executive Chef since 2012.