RN to BSN/MSN – Application Process

RN to BSN/MSN – Application Process –  We are not accepting applications for the RN to BSN/MSN program at this time.  Please contact Ms. Schlosser at rschlosser@uca.edu for additional information.  We apologize for any inconvenience.

Please note it is the applicant’s responsibility to insure ALL required application documents are uploaded and/or completed, all official transcripts are received by NursingCAS, and all references have been submitted by the application deadline of March 1, 2018.  Incomplete applications will not be considered.

Steps for Applying to the RN to BSN/MSN Program

The UCA School of Nursing receives applications for admission and most applicant credentials exclusively through the Nursing Central Application Service (NursingCAS), provided by the American Association of Colleges of Nursing (AACN). The steps for applying are as follows:

  1. Select the “Apply” link at http://www.nursingcas.org/
  2. Create an account and log in to your secure NursingCAS online application. When creating an account, be sure to click ‘yes’to the question: “Are you applying to a graduate level program in nursing?”.
  3. When logged in, complete all ‘Required’ items on the ‘Application Checklist’as directed by the NursingCAS website. This includes arranging for all official transcripts to be sent to NursingCAS.
  4. In addition, the UCA School of Nursing requires the following items to be submitted through NursingCAS (these items are indicated as ‘Optional’ on the NursingCAS website):
    1. In the ‘Professional Experience’ section, submit information regarding your work experience, professional activities, certifications, honors/awards, etc.
    2. In the ‘References’ section, submit two (2) reference forms.
      • One reference should be from your recent immediate supervisor
      • One reference should be from a professional colleague
    3. In the document upload section, please upload the two documents listed below and designate University of Central Arkansas:
      • Employer verification of RN work experience Employer Clinical-Practice-VerificationMSN
      • Personal Essay (writing sample) – Submit a 2-3 page personal essay describing:
        • How your selected MSN track fits with your career goals;
        • Your personal attributes and values that will make you an effective student in your MSN track;
        • Personal Resources and time management plan that will help you successfully meet the obligations of a graduate student;
        • Future employment goals, including geographic area and population focus.
        • Essay Requirements:
          • Submit as a Microsoft Word (.doc or .docx) file
          • Double-spaced
          • 12-point font (Times New Roman preferred)
          • APA (6th ed.) format for in-text citations and references (if applicable)
  1. In NursingCAS, be sure to designate the University of Central Arkansas in the ‘Designation’ section of the application. NursingCAS charges $65 for your application to be sent to the first program destination and $35 for each additional designation.
  2. International applicants whose native language is not English must demonstrate proficiency in the English language by submitting official TOEFL scores (required minimum of 83 or higher on the iBT). The exam must have been taken within the last two (2) calendar years. Scores should be sent directly to the UCA School of Nursing (attention Rose Schlosser).
  3. Following a review of the completed application file, the School of Nursing Graduate Admissions Committee will offer admission to selected applicants.
  4. Once the applicant has accepted a position in the RN-BSN/MSN program, the student will be enrolled as an undergraduate student. A semester before beginning graduate level courses, a concurrent enrollment form will need to be completed and the student will apply to the UCA Graduate School. The application to the Graduate School is online with a 25$ fee. Once the BSN has been conferred, the student is coded as a graduate student.


Enrollment Requirements: Once accepted, candidates must complete the following before enrolling in courses:

  1. Complete a background check, as directed by the School of Nursing, with favorable results.
  2. Provide proof of required immunizations.
  3. Provide proof of health insurance coverage.
  4. Review orientation resources in BlackBoard Community (RN to BSN and RN to BSN/MSN Orientation Resources).  See UCA Homepage for link to BlackBoard.


If any of the above requirements are not satisfied, admission to the program may be rescinded.

Questions regarding the NursingCAS application process should be directed to the NursingCAS Customer Service team.

Please direct questions about program/application requirements to:

Ms. Rose Schlosser, M.Ed

School of Nursing

University of Central Arkansas

201 Donaghey Avenue

 Conway, AR 72035-0001




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