Master of Science in Nursing – Curriculum Patterns of Enrollment

The curriculum patterns are designed for the working RN who enrolls on a part-time basis. These students bring valuable work experiences to their courses, and their courses enhance their work experiences. We have found that our students are able to manage school, work, and personal responsibilities with this pattern as long as they make arrangements for the additional time that their studies will require.

To allow students to complete the degree in a reasonable and expedient manner, beginning in 2015 cohorts of students are admitted once a year each Fall and progress through the program on the same schedule. Students must prepare to maintain their schedule. Students who withdraw must reapply and will be considered in the competitive admission process for that admission period.  Readmission is not guaranteed.


Curriculum Patterns for all MSN Tracks.

First Year Courses for Students in All Tracks: 2 courses (6 credit hours) per semester in Fall, Spring, and Summer

  • 6301 Research for Evidence Based Practice I
  • 6304 Research for EBP II
  • 6347 Theory
  • 6315 Advanced Health Assessment
  • 6320 Advanced Pathophysiology
  • 6325 Advanced Pharmacology


Final Four Semesters for Students in the NP tracks:

Fall Spring Summer
6511 Primary Care of Young Adults and 6322 Epidemiology or

6332 Health Policy

6512 Primary Care of Middle Adults and 6215 Foundations for Advance Practice  or 6322 Epidemiology 6414 Primary Care of Children or 6260 Clinical Immersion for AGNP and
6332 Health Policy or 6215 Foundations for Advance Practice
6413 Complex Primary Care of Adults

For each NP clinical course students are required to work with a preceptor providing direct patient care for 180 hours. Students start clinical courses during the second year of study and are encouraged to plan ahead in order to meet the clinical hour requirements.

Final Four Semesters for Students in the CNL track:

Fall Spring Summer
6329 Healthcare Informatics6332 Epidemiology 6327 Healthcare quality and Leadership6470 CNL Immersion I 6215 Foundations for Advance Practice
6371 CNL Immersion II


Final Four Semesters for Students in the Nurse Educator track:

Fall Spring Summer
6350 Curriculum6332 Epidemiology 6348 Instructional Design6345 Evaluation 6340 Clinical Specialty Practicum6332 Health Policy
6349 Education Practicum


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