BSN Track Descriptions & Curriculum Plans

Prelicensure BSN Track and LPN to BSN Track

The prelicensure BSN track is designed for students with no RN nursing license. All pre-nursing majors, including those with an Associate or Bachelor degree in another area, must complete the specific prerequisite courses prior to being admitted to the two-year nursing major.* Admission to UCA as a pre-nursing major does not guarantee admission to the nursing program. One class of prelicensure BSN students is admitted each year and begin classes in Summer II (July). Applications are only accepted in the fall for the Summer II class.

If admitted to the BSN program with an LPN license, UCA follows the LPN-BSN Progression model as stated on the ASBN website and can be found at this link: The Arkansas Nursing Education Progression Model.

Academic Map (AMAP) link

*Prerequisite courses can be taken at UCA or transferred from another institution. (Please see Ranking Criteria for qualified students, number II) Students are encouraged to review the Transfer Credit Guidelines information located on the Registrar’s website and the Arkansas Department of Higher Education’s Course Transfer System (ACTS) to check which course credits will transfer.