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NHD Rule Book | Curriculum & Teacher Resources | Instructional Video Clips for the Classroom

⚠️ Please excuse the missing resources on these pages.  We are transitioning to an updated website and will continue to update and complete these resources!    9/20/2021

NHD Rule Book

In regional and state contests, National History Day Arkansas follows the National History Day Contest Rule Book.

The new NHD Rule Book, which took effect in June 2020, is more than a list of updated rules: it focuses more on teaching students about the important elements of a History Day project.  The entire first third of the book, for example, guides students through the research process.  Another bonus are the new, clear definitions and examples of essential NHD project elements such as historical context, multiple perspectives, student voice, and historical argument.


Curriculum and Teacher Resources

History Day & Literacy Standards
Timelines for Using History Day
Introducing History Day
Individual or Group Work
Theme & Topic Selection
  • History Day Research Guide  (University of Arkansas Special Collections)
  • Navigating with East: Traveler Databases 101, Recorded Webinar, Jennifer Johnson of Springdale Public Library (available 9/29/2021)
  • Discovering the World: Great Primary Sources for World History Projects, Recorded Webinar, Jennifer Johnson, Springdale Public Library (available 10/6/2021)
Bibliographies and citations
Research Organization
Historical Context
Drafting  Project Text
Process Papers
Project Type: Documentary
Project Type: Exhibit
Project Type: Paper
Project Type: Performance
Project Type: Website

Instructional Video Clips for the Classroom

NHD has created over a dozen bite-sized instructional videos focused on a single concept or skill.  These run five (5) to ten (10) minutes in length and can be used in a face-to-face classroom or virtual instruction.

You can find a complete list (updated Dec. 2020) with links to each video here.

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