BEP – Emergency Procedures Summaries

The building administrators and emergency team members of each UCA building have developed plans for responding to emergency situations, including the “big three” – fire, active shooter, and tornado. This page provides access to an Emergency Procedures Summary document for each building, to be widely linked and used to ensure that those who work and learn and live in the university’s buildings know how to respond effectively to emergency situations. During the fall semester 2019, 11×17 placards are being updated to provide easier at-a-glance information. The new placards will be identified with the link text 11×17 Placard 2019.

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Document Templates and Information

Emergency Procedures Summary Library

The Emergency Procedure Summary library is presented below, alphabetically by building name. Browse or use the links to jump to a particular part of the list.


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Ida Waldran Auditorium (Old Main) (Rev. 2014-11-16) | 11×17 Placard 2019
Internal Audit (Pub. 2016-05-28) | 11×17 Placard 2019
Irby Hall (Rev. 2017-09-11) | 11×17 Placard 2019