Upper-Division Qualifying Assessment (UDQA)

The purpose of the Upper-Division Qualifying Assessment (UDQA) is to assess students’ knowledge and skill levels in each of the following areas of musical preparation and development: Piano Skills, Music Theory and Ear Training, and Applied Music. This assessment is necessary to determine whether students possess the knowledge and skills required to be successful at upper-division music study.

The Upper-Division Qualifying Assessment (UDQA) consists of the following three sections:

  • Piano Proficiency Examination
  • Theory and Sight-Singing Proficiency Examination
  • Applied Jury Examination

The Piano Proficiency Examination will be administered at the end of MUS 2134 Piano Class IV or at the end of a student’s second semester of applied piano lessons if the student demonstrates proficiency beyond Piano Class IV prior to the first semester of enrollment at UCA. The Theory/Sight-Singing Proficiency Examination will be administered while the student is enrolled in MUS 2431 Theory IV. The Applied Jury Examination will be administered during the student’s jury at the conclusion of the student’s fourth semester of applied lessons on their primary instrument.

All undergraduate UCA music majors (BME, BM, and BA) must pass all three sections prior to enrollment in upper-division music (MUS) courses. Transfer students please refer to the music advisor and to the UDQA Transfer Student Policy in the UCA Undergraduate Bulletin. Piano majors, regardless of degree/concentration, are exempt from the Piano Proficiency Examination.

Note: Students may attempt any section of the UDQA a second time if unsuccessful the first time.  If the student is unsuccessful on the second attempt, a third attempt is only permissible at the request of a music faculty member and with the approval of the chair of the Department of Music.

Below you will find a document with more detailed information on the assessment and each specific section.

UDQA – Upper Division Qualifying Assessment

If you have any questions about this process, please direct them to Ms. Carrie Martens.