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Advising – Registration Restriction for Spring 2022 Course

Registration Restriction for Spring 2022 Course

This form is for current music majors who are unable to register for a Spring 2022 course due to a registration restriction.
  • Important - Verify Form Submission is Accurate

    Failure to accurately complete this form and/or provide the required documentation will prevent you from being registered for the course you are requesting.
  • Important - Submit This Form for ONE Course

    DO NOT use this form to register for more than one course. If you have multiple courses you need to be registered for with restrictions, please USE A SEPARATE FORM FOR EACH individual course.
  • IMPORTANT: Your ID# should be the letter "B" followed by 8 digits. If necessary, replace the first "0" with the letter "B."
  • Please include full address. Example:
  • The CRN is the 5-digit Course Registration Number that identifies the specific section of the course. PLEASE USE MyUCA TO VERIFY THE CRN IS ACURRATE.
  • Example: MUS 1233 Ear Training II
  • If you checked one of the first four boxes on the previous question, you MUST provide documentation (screen shot or copy of email) from the professor or chair. The attached document must provide clear evidence that you have their permission to register for this specific course. If you are requesting to register for more than one MUSA applied lesson course, you can either attach email documentation of approval from your applied lesson professor or attach the PDF of your advising check sheet that shows Ms. Martens advised you to register for multiple MUSA courses.
  • Need Assistance?

    If you have follow-up questions related to this form, please contact Mr. Cole Cavanah,, or visit the UCA Music Office.