Information Systems (BS)

The BS-Information Systems major is the most technical major in the MIS department. It requires a minor in Computer Science plus a variety of courses in both business and MIS. It is a true combination of business, MIS, and computer science. Majors are prepared to serve in any technology role in an organization, from pure developers (programmers) to more managerial-type roles. The flexibility in a graduate’s choice of employment and the overwhelming need for such graduates make this an exceptional choice of majors.

In Arkansas today, most companies need technology graduates who both understand business and software development. Many companies want and need business-oriented software developers and this degree fits that requirement extremely well. It is unlike any other program in the state of Arkansas, a combination of business, computer science, and MIS. Other universities do have a BS in Information Systems or Information Technology, but in all cases, the degree is more technical (i.e., more CS courses required) than their CS degree (and so not business-oriented). More information may be found in this flyer.

The degree requires the UCA Core courses (38 hours)–the old general education requirements. It also requires the following:

Business Lower Division Requirements (24 hours)

ACCT 2310 Accounting I
ACCT 2321 Legal Environment of Business
ECON 2310 Global Environment of Business*
ECON 2320 Macroeconomics*
ECON 2321 Microeconomics
QMTH 2330 or MATH 2311 Statistics
MATH 1395 Applied Math for Business* or MATH 1491 Calculus for Life Sciences*
MGMT 2301 Business Communications*

*May be included as part of the 38 hours UCA Core

Business Upper Division Requirements (12 hours)

MIS 3321 Managing Systems and Technology
FINA 3330 Managing Finance and Capital
MGMT 3340 Managing People and Work
MKTG 3350 Principles of Marketing

Minor in Computer Science (17 hours)

CSCI 1470 CS I
CSCI 2320 Data Structures
Two CSCI upper division courses (3000/4000 level)

Information Systems Requirement (30 hours)

CSCI 1340 Introduction to Programming OR MIS 3335 Python I
CSCI 3360 Database Systems OR MIS 3365 Database Applications
CSCI 3335 Networking OR MIS 3363 Telecommunications & Networking I
CSCI 3381 Object-oriented SW Development OR MIS 3339 Java I
CSCI 4315 Information Security OR MIS 4360 Information Security
CSCI 3375 Internship OR MIS 3383 Internship (or CS/MIS course approved by chair)
MIS 3328 Systems Analysis and Design
MIS 4355 Project Management
One CS/MIS upper division elective (OR MATH 3311 Stats II or WRTG 3310 Technical Writing)

Take one of the following:
CSCI 4305 Linux/Unix
CSCI 4365 Web Technology
CSCI 4370 Data Mining
CSCI 4371 Machine Learning
CSCI 4372 Data Clustering
MIS 4329 Database Management Systems
MIS 4366 E-Commerce & Advanced Web Design
MIS 4380 Business Intelligence & Data Visualization
MIS 4381 Data Mining & Applied Analytics